September 27, 2018

Review / Giveaway: EatSmart Packing Cubes

Ever since my promotion to Director, my travel schedule has gotten a little bit crazier, as I’m now responsible for managing multiple projects across multiple clients – which means a lot more travel. I thought I had packing down to a science, but I recently added a new product to help me corral my stuff: EatSmart’s Packing Cubes.

Here they are in teal – but they come in nearly a dozen different colors.

I had never bothered with packing cubes before, as I already typically roll my clothes to save on space – couldn’t I keep doing that without a packing cube? However, I discovered that packing cubes are also good for organization. When I’m visiting multiple destinations in a week, it’s nice to be able to separate my clothes by the location where I’ll need them. I just pull out the packing cubes relevant for that particular location, and leave the rest tucked into my suitcase.

My suitcase is loaded up with four cubes: two small and two medium, one set black and one set teal. This made it really easy to grab what I needed during a week when I was visiting 4 cities in 5 days!

I like that EatSmart’s design has open mesh on one side – it means that when I’m taking my dirty gym clothes home, they’re still able to breathe. (Pro tip: on Thursdays, I lay my sweaty gym clothes out across the trunk of my car to dry while I’m at the office, then put them into a plastic bag and into my suitcase after I drive to the airport. They’re a lot less gross when I get home when they’ve had the opportunity to dry off first!) Furthermore, the material for the rest is still very lightweight – it doesn’t feel like it adds any extra bulk to my suitcase by packing them in there.


EatSmart wants to give one lucky 50by25 reader a set of packing cubes! This giveaway is open to anyone in the US. To enter, leave a comment telling me your best packing tip, and log that comment in the Rafflecopter widget below (if you’re reading this in Feedly/Bloglovin’/email, you’ll need to click through to enter). The contest will run through next Friday October 5th at 11:59pm MT, at which time a winner will be chosen by random drawing and contacted by email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you don’t win the giveaway, the packing cubes are still pretty affordable, at just $14.95 for a set of three. Click here to purchase.

Disclosure: EatSmart sent me two sets of packing cubes to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


24 thoughts on “Review / Giveaway: EatSmart Packing Cubes”

  1. My favorite piece of advice is exactly the packing cubes. I have been using them for years and couldn’t/wouldn’t go on a trip without them. Now my entire family wants/uses them as well.

  2. I lay out all the things I want to take and then put outfits together. Many times I will find that some pieces don’t coordinate with anything and then I’ll leave those out of my suitcase!

  3. Hi! My tip is to make an exhaustive packing list on your phone and refer to it as a completeness check. Now that I have to pack for myself, a toddler, and a newborn, there is more to keep track of and it’s nice not to start a list from scratch every time. also, wear the bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane!

  4. I guess I would have to say these two tips help me:
    1) Pack your clothes inside out
    2) Roll your clothes instead of folding them

  5. Michelle O'Keefe

    For when I stay at places longer, I just order toiletries and diapers from Target or Amazon and have them delivered to my destination. So much easier than packing them!

  6. kristina daniels

    Plan plan plan! Make a list of everything you need and be sure to go back over it right before you close of the bags!

  7. make a checklist of everything you need to pack and check off as you go that way you dont need to unfold everything to see if you remembered to pack something.

  8. I travel for business so I always have a packing list made. Toiletries goes in baggies in case they leak and I roll most of my clothes to control wrinkles and have more space.

  9. I like to pack things by heaviest biggest and bulkiest first to. Try to bring things that double up as something else that always helps with space.

  10. My best tip is let someone else do it. I’m horrible at it so maybe I can pick up some tips from the other comments 🙂

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