March 18, 2018

Links I Love: March 18, 2018

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


How To Talk About Getting Fired In A Job Interview. (Fast Company)

Why Hiring Losers Is a Winning Strategy. (Inc)

You Can Pull People Up The Ladder Behind You. (Yes and Yes)

David Rockefeller’s Rolodex Was the Stuff of Legend. Here’s a First Peek.. (Wall Street Journal)

How to become the type of manager people actually like working for. (Well & Good NYC)

Five key takeaways from Peter Drucker’s “How To Be An Effective Executive”. (David Jaxon)

Toward Refining Your Workflow Process: Six Tips to Keep Your Team on Track. (Laura Stack)

Commitment is essential for doing something that matters. (Penelope Trunk)

Forget Work-Life Balance: It’s All About the Blend. (Medium)

How to Actually Leave Work on Time. (Lifehacker)


A mathematical model of the “forgetting curve” proves learning is hard. (Quartz)

Why you should always deliver the bad news first. (TED Talks)

A Cognitive Scientist’s Method for Changing Your Habits. (Heleo)

You Make Or Break Your Life Between 5-7 AM. (Thrive Global)

You’re Most Likely to Do Something Extreme Right Before You Turn 30. (The Atlantic)

6 Crazy (and Crazy Smart!) Things People Do With Their Fitbit Devices. (FitBit)


The 5 germiest spots in your office (hint: only 1 is the bathroom!). (Well & Good NYC)

Here’s what your cravings are really trying to tell you. (Well & Good NYC)

There’s a biological reason you’re attracted to bad boys. (Well & Good NYC)

Eat yourself to sleep: the foods that can help get a good night’s rest. (Guardian)

Related: A Simple Tactic for Improving Sleep That 84% of People Miss. (The Simple Dollar)

Similar: The secret to better sleep may be restoring your ancestral connection to the dark. (Well & Good NYC)

Happy thoughts may lead to better long-term heart health, a new study claims. (Well & Good NYC)

This Is the Two-Minute Tooth Brushing Podcast We’ve Been Waiting For. (Lifehacker)

A Before-School Exercise Program May Help Children Thrive. (New York Times)

4 Simple Tips to Improve Running Form Today. (Run to the Finish)

A Challenge Race Shakes Up the Running Routine. (New York Times)

Master the Massage. (Furthermore from Equinox)

How to Tie Hiking Boots for the Perfect Fit Every Time. (Cool of the Wild)

Sitting Can Increase Appetite. (Furthermore from Equinox)


Skating Through an Uncertain World. (New York Times)

Virgin Atlantic Is Struggling to Cope With Low-Cost Competition. (Skift)

How to ensure Ryanair foots the bill for flight delays. (Economist)

JetBlue’s Popular Mint Business Class Disrupted All of Its Rivals. (Skift)

Air Nostrum partners with Immfly to launch inflight entertainment platform. (Future Travel Experience)

SkyTeam Eases the Hassle of Getting Rebooked When Flights Get Disrupted. (Skift)

Super Long-Haul Trips Expose Flight Crews and Passengers to Cosmic Radiation. (Skift)

Does Southwest Boarding Pass “A1” Really Mean You Get Any Seat?. (Running with Miles)

Puppy dies on 3-hour United flight from Texas after owner is told to put it in the overhead bin. (Dallas Morning News)

United mistakenly flies Kansas-bound dog to Japan. (CNBC)

United Airlines May Introduce Domestic Premium Economy. (Skift)

United CEO Munoz’s Polaris Promise Never Matched Reality. (Skift)

American’s Flight Schedules Don’t Solidify Until 100 Days Out (And That’s a Big Improvement). (Cranky Flier)

On-demand air travel, supersonic aircraft and Hyperloop – the travel disruptors are gathering momentum. (Future Travel Experience)

The New Airbus A350 Is a Plane You’re Going to Want to Fly. (Travel & Leisure)

Airlines Can’t Be Stupid Enough to Charge People More For Sharing Personal Information. (Cranky Flier)

Why Your Airline Award Flight Is (Often) Not Exactly Free. (Skift)

Airlines making progress on baggage handling as IATA Resolution 753 deadline approaches. (Future Travel Experience)

Artificial intelligence to revolutionise baggage handling over next decade. (Airport World)

Dark data – the big data you didn’t know to worry about, but should. (Tnooz)

Royal Caribbean Is Convinced It Has the Smarts to Woo Millennials. (Skift)

The Caribbean Cruise That Protects You From Overeating. (Bloomberg)

CEO Interview: The Future of Boutique Hotels Is to Go Big. (Skift)


Are You 21 to 37? You Might Be a Millennial. (New York Times)

What Does It Cost To Be Big On Instagram?. (BuzzFeed)

Your Digital Detox: 17 Smartphone Apps To Delete In 2018. (Fast Company)

Using Your Phone At Dinner Isn’t Just Rude. (Time)

The dating rules from countries around the world revealed. (Daily Mail)

The unspoken ways to tell if someone’s flirting with you or not. (Well & Good NYC)

Why We Stay With People Who Are Bad for Us. (Greatist)

How To Deal When All Your Friends Get Married + Have Kids. (Yes and Yes)

How to Maintain Friendships. (New York Times)

How to Have a ‘Conversation’ With a Baby. (Lifehacker)

Let Alexa Settle Your Kids’ Disputes. (Lifehacker)

Have Your Kid Plan to Screw Up. (Lifehacker)

Let Your Kid Order the Pizza. (Lifehacker)

Save Money Using These Behavioral Finance Tricks. (Lifehacker)

Living Behind the Cutting Edge. (The Simple Dollar)

7 unique facts about daylight saving time. (Big Think)

4 Better Ways to Deal When You Get Left Out. (Greatist)

What’s the fastest way to chill wine?. (Lifehacker)

Finally, for a laugh: List: Five More Products Made Just for Women. (McSweeneys)

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