November 12, 2017

Links I Love: November 12, 2017

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
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Corporate America’s insistence on four-year degrees is a costly mistake. (Quartz)

How to Fix Your Rep After a Bad Performance Review. (Daily Muse)

Six Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Work Slump. (Fast Company)


5 Tips to Skip Meetings That Are A Waste of Time. (Time Management Ninja)

Corporate Crap: Don’t forget to budget time. (Patty Azzarello)

Why Elon Is Wrong About The 80-Hour Workweek. (Medium)

Creating the Elegance of Simplicity & Focus in Your Work Day. (Zen Habits)

Potential Is Worthless. (Deep Existence)

7 Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks for Better Email Management. (Zapier)

If You Don’t Become a Student First, You’ll Never Be Great at Anything. (Medium)

How to Enjoy Being Alone with Your Thoughts. (Greater Good)

How to Grow from Your Pain. (Medium)

8 Ways to Know When Someone Might Be Lying to You. (Heleo)

Low morale is contagious—but active listening can cure the sickness. (Quartz)

These 5 hacks can help you learn anything, according to a Stanford professor. (CNBC)

Music is in your brain and your body and your life. (Aeon Magazine)

How You Can Be Successful by Being Right Only 80% of the Time. (Success Magazine)

How to Make Dinner Conversation Deeper and More Meaningful. (The New Potato)

On tricking procrastination and getting it done. (Noteworthy – The Journal Blog)

Beware of Attention Leaks (The Science of Gaining Focus). (Thrive Global)

How To Be More Self-Aware Of Your Knee-Jerk Bad Habits (Or: Poker + Depression Pasta). (Yes and Yes)

Confirmation Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices. (Nir and Far)

Three Kinds of Happiness, and How to Achieve Them. (Big Think)

The Most Important ‘Life Hack’ I’ve Learned. (Medium)

Why Canceling Plans Is So Satisfying. (New York Magazine)


Your Race Against Time: How Climate Affects the Marathon. (New York Times)

Fear the Blanket, Not the Germs. (New York Times)

Cancer Humor. (New York Times)

4 Common Habits Sabotaging Your Sleep. (My Fitness Pal)

Having A Sense of Purpose Can Literally Help You Sleep At Night. (My Fitness Pal)

Don’t get a flu shot if you’re in a bad mood. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Bagged lettuce might save time, but it’s nutrient-lacking and bacteria-rich. (Well & Good NYC)

7 Reasons Why You Need to Walk More. (My Fitness Pal)

Related: 50 Ways to Walk More. (My Fitness Pal)

Here’s how the real estate market is *finally* catching on to the wellness boom. (Well & Good NYC)

Why, and When, People Succeed Using Weight Watchers. (Especially Obligers). (Medium)

This ingredient might help you absorb way more nutrients from your veggies. (Well & Good NYC)

Snack Food Marketing Leads to Overeating, Study Shows. (Big Think)

The Scary New Reason to Squeeze in a Healthy Breakfast Every Morning. (Well & Good NYC)

26 Pro Tips to Push Past Every Single Running Roadblock. (Greatist)

It’s Marathon Season, and Physical Therapists Are Busy. (New York Times)

Training for the Marathon on 1.3 Legs. (New York Times)

Don’t Watch the Clock During Spin Class. (Furthermore from Equinox)


Ski Resorts Embrace Experiences as Millennial Interest Wanes. (Skift)

Delivering big PaxEx improvements over a low bandwidth connection. (Wandering Aramean)

British Airways Hints at Disrupting Its Loyalty Program in 2018. (Skift)

The tension between fraud prevention and user experience in the travel industry. (Tnooz)

Airlines gauge success of Basic Economy by how many passengers avoid it. (USA Today)

Southwest Airlines tries to bring music concerts to the skies. (Economist)

Brits would rather queue than pay to use fast lanes at airports. (Airport World)

Choice Hotels Bets Big on a New Cloud-Based Reservations System. (Skift)

British Airways CEO Plots Return to a ‘Golden Era’. (Skift)

One Airline’s Cool Promo for the Athens Marathon This Weekend. (Running with Miles)

Luxury Hotel Leaders Share Lessons Learned in Hurricane Aftermath. (Skift)

Check Out the Happiest Flyers in the US by Hometown, Airport, and Generation. (Running with Miles)

Marriott CEO: Don’t Expect Us to Play in the Midscale Space. (Skift)

Air France-KLM Move to a Spend-Based Loyalty Program In 2018. (Skift)

Southwest Airlines Considers Flying Short-Hops Between Hawaiian Islands. (Skift)

Airplane cabin fragrances: Good scents is big business. (CNN)

A journey to somewhere new: how the Internet of Things is transforming travel. (Tnooz)

Business Class Must-Haves That Airlines Neglect at Their Peril. (Skift)

IAG Is Serious About Growing Its Low-Cost, Long-Haul Airline. (Skift)

The U.S. Urges Airlines to Ban Laptops in Checked Bags. (Skift)

Why Hotels Need a Comprehensive Room Inventory and Pricing Strategy. (Skift)

Aeroplane seats are shrinking – but how small can they go?. (Guardian)


New Hipster Version of ‘Oregon Trail’ Involves Brewery Stops and Kombucha. I really want to play this! (Thrillist)

How Netflix’s Content Strategy Is Reshaping Movie Culture. (Harvard Business Journal)

Start a Holiday Gift Closet Now So You Can Avoid Black Friday. (The Simple Dollar)

Crabs and lobsters deserve protection from being cooked alive. (Aeon Magazine)

Surviving and Thriving on an Extremely Small Food Budget. (The Simple Dollar)

Gerrymander 5K: run highlights absurdity of redistricting. (Guardian)

9 Easy No-Heat Ways to Style Wet Hair. (Cosmopolitan)

Should Your Spouse Be Your Best Friend?. (New York Times)

All relationship problems stem from one persistent myth about romance. (Quartz)

How to Have a Better Relationship. (New York Times)

The Battle Between Freedom and Affluence. (The Simple Dollar)

Similar: The Struggle Against Fleeting Wants and Desires. (The Simple Dollar)

Also related: Separating Needs, Wants, and What You Really Want. (The Simple Dollar)

Facebook says to shield you from revenge porn, it needs your naked photos. (Los Angeles Times)

The suspect told police ‘give me a lawyer dog.’ The court says he wasn’t asking for a lawyer.. (Washington Post)

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