September 3, 2017

Links I Love: September 3, 2017

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


How to Motivate a New Hire. (Ivanka Trump)

Six Tips for Coordinating a Virtual Team: Reaching Across Time Zones. (Laura Stack)

How feeling left out at work can affect your job. (Slack HQ)

People’s Favorite Work Clap-Backs Are The Most Petty Things You’ll Hear Today. (Pizza Bottle)

Find Happiness at Work and Home. (Ivanka Trump)

Have you been paying the hair-and-makeup tax? You need Zadie Smith’s 15-minute rule. (Guardian)


Why your morning habits are standing between you and your goals. (Medium)

Embracing the Idle Mind. (Medium)

Self-Signaling: How Our Actions Can Change Who We Are. (Medium)

To be a creativity machine, arrange your time and tasks according to these seven categories. (Quartz)

The Battle Between Stress and Frugality. (The Simple Dollar)

The Nine Surefire Ways To Fail At Anything. (The Mission)

You’ll Be Happier If You Let Yourself Feel Bad. (New York Magazine)

A psychologist explains the limits of human compassion. (Vox)

A Good Way to Get More Things Off Your To-Do List Is Adding More to Your Not-to-Do List. (Entrepreneur Magazine)

An Innovation Expert on Why “Onlyness” Is Your Source of Creative Power. (Heleo)

3 Negative Thinking Patterns to Avoid – What to Do Instead. (Psychology Today)

Not Sure If You’re an Introvert or Extrovert? You Might Be an Ambivert.. (Heleo)

The 7 Traits of Success, According to a Millionaire Who Started With Only $92. (Inc)


7 Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep. (My Fitness Pal)

Related: This Is What Your Overactive Brain Needs To Get A Good Night’s Sleep. (Fast Company)

Also: How to master the art of the 15-minute power nap. (Well & Good NYC)

Psychology of Lululemon: How Fashion Affects Fitness. (The Atlantic)

Remember That Time You Thought You Were Fat? 5 Tips for a New Healthy Outlook. (My Fitness Pal)

The Secret Power of Beginning Runners (And We’re All Beginners). (Run to the Finish)

How Much Will You Pay For That Body?. (Wall Street Journal)

How Foot Strength Impacts Longevity and 3 Exercises. (My Fitness Pal)

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon: Calves. (Furthermore from Equinox)

The Best Running Stride? The One That Comes Naturally. (New York Times)

Rhabdo Is Still Rare. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Bogotá closes its roads every Sunday. Now everyone wants to do it.. (Vox)


America’s Olympics City: Why L.A. Is “Uniquely” Suited For Successful 2028 Games. (Fast Company)

Can Uber’s New CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Turn It Around Like He Did Expedia?. (Skift)

Hyatt Buys Yet Another Wellness Brand, Exhale. (Skift)

Most Hotel Apps Still Need a Radical Overhaul. (Skift)

Are Hotel-Fee Initiatives Inspired by What the Airlines Have Accomplished?. (Skift)

An Airbnb-Like Startup for Campsites Has Signed Up Several Thousand Hosts. (Skift)

Did Airbnb Kill the Mountain Town?. (Outside Magazine)

Things to Do While Camping. (Thrillist)

Threading the celestial needle: Catching the Great American Eclipse at 35,000 feet. (Alaska Air)

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America Customers Are Getting New Amenities. (Motley Fool)

Hate Basic Economy Fares? More Are Coming. (Wall Street Journal)

Similar: American Considers Selling Few-Frills Economy Fares to Europe. (Skift)

Related: Airline Fare Wars are Gaining Momentum as Legacy Carriers Go After Low-Cost Rivals. (Skift)

Channel Shock: The Future of Travel Distribution. (Skift)

Stop Faking Service Dogs. I wrote a post about service animals myself in July – such a frustrating topic. (Outside Magazine)

Less lost luggage at the airport. (Economist)

Pittsburgh International Airport to re-introduce airside access for members of the public. (Future Travel Experience)

Another Norwegian Cruise Line ship to get a deck-top race track. (USA Today)

Chefs+Tech: How Big Data Enhances Good Hospitality. (Skift)

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots. And in case you missed it, here’s my take on JetBlue’s personalized approach to chatbots. (Chat Bots Magazine)

Monarch launches ‘mood food’ to help improve passenger wellbeing. (Future Travel Experience)

Appalling behaviour on London’s Tube. (Economist)

Things to Do in Boulder, CO. (Thrillist)


Kim Kardashian’s brilliant trick for getting rid of deodorant stains. (Well & Good NYC)

I’m 35 and I may suddenly have lost the rest of my life. I’m panicking, just a bit.. (Medium)

Free Lunch at the Library. (New York Times)

Sexy females help ‘Plain Jane’ moths snag their mates. (Science Magazine)

Is This Dog Dangerous? Shelters Struggle With Live-or-Die Tests. (New York Times)

Sorry, But Your Home Isn’t an ‘Investment’. (The Simple Dollar)

The Real Person’s Guide to Wine Pairing. (Greatist)

11 Mistakes You’re Probably Making at the Liquor Store. (Supercall)

‘Cortana, Open Alexa,’ Amazon Says. And Microsoft Agrees. This has some interesting potential… (New York Times)

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