April 30, 2017

Links I Love: April 30, 2017

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
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The Best Job Sites: Making the job of looking for a job a little easier. (The Simple Dollar)

The 7 Biggest Remote Work Challenges (and How to Overcome Them). (Zapier)

International Day of the Girl: How to Encourage Girls to Lead. (Lean In)

The last taboo: Why women aren’t supposed to age. (Stuff)

Use Your Work and Learning Styles to Build Better Professional Relationships. (Zapier)

Embraceable You: When the CEO Is a Hugger. (Morningstar)


A Face-to-Face Request Is 34 Times More Successful than an Email. (Harvard Business Journal)

Research Reveals How to Take a Better Break. (Nir and Far)

How Millennials Are Making Work From Home Work. (Forbes)

How to Retain More of Every Book You Read. (James Clear)

This Is The Most Insane Way To Be Smarter, Confident, and Resilient. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Quantified Self 101: 3 Steps to Using Your Personal Metrics for Self-Improvement. (Zapier)

Your Personality Changes When You Move to a New Place. (New York Magazine)

How to Learn New Things as an Adult. (The Atlantic)

How to make your kid good at anything, according to a world expert on peak performance. (Quartz)

11 Habits of Remarkably Happy People. (Inc)

Wealth Is Not a Route to Happiness. What Is?. (The Simple Dollar)

The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards. (James Clear)

This Is Your Brain on Poverty. (Scientific American)


5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen an Oasis of Healthy Eating. (My Fitness Pal)

Is white wine secretly messing with your skin?. (Well & Good NYC)

8 Common Salad Mistakes. (Cup of Jo)

Is Eating Tuna Poke OK?. (My Fitness Pal)

The Science of How Your Taste Buds Mature. (Vice)

WITS Program Teaches Healthy Cooking in Schools. (New York Times)

Science Says These 3 Foods May Help Athletes. (My Fitness Pal)

25 Ways to Run Faster—Stat. (Greatist)

How long it takes to lose fitness after a race. (Furthermore from Equinox)

The Longer the Race, the Stronger We Get. (Outside Magazine)

The truth about “toning” workouts. (Well & Good NYC)

Weekly Fit News. Lots of interesting studies in here! (Furthermore from Equinox)

Walk, Stretch or Dance? Dancing May Be Best for the Brain. (New York Times)

A Sports Psychologist On…Managing Discomfort. (Furthermore from Equinox)

We’re All Stressed Out, and It’s Affecting Our Workouts. (My Fitness Pal)

Good News for the Older Mothers. (New York Times)

Going Under the Knife, With Eyes and Ears Wide Open. I think I’d probably pass out… (New York Times)

A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health. (New York Times)

A Sleep-Deprived Person Won’t Know if You’re Happy or Sad Unless You Make it Really Obvious. (Van Winkle’s)

This Is the Happiest and Healthiest US State. (Thrillist)


How Airline Workers Learn to Deal With You. (New York Times)

United Releases Internal Report on What Happened in Violent Chicago Incident. (Skift)

Southwest Airlines CEO says company will stop overbooking flights. (Dallas Morning News)

United Releases Its 10-Point Plan to Avoid Roughing Up Passengers. Brett’s opinions are always spot on; read this if you thought the whole plan was great. (Cranky Flier)

Related: You’re Never Going to Get $10,000 for Your United Airlines Seat. (Bloomberg)

I Don’t Care if a Flight Attendant Almost Hit a Baby. (Cranky Flier)

Data could be the fuel that United and others need to soar (and recover). (Tnooz)

Don’t believe your eyes: Airline service is getting better, even if it’s still not great. (Dallas Morning News)

Passengers don’t want overweight flight crew, say Aeroflot officials after lawsuits. (Guardian)

Scandinavian carrier SAS battles for U.S. marketshare. (USA Today)

The Battle for the Future of Airlines Is Still Being Fought Over the Atlantic. Really comprehensive and great article! (Skift)

Hidden in plane sight. (Economist)

JetBlue Delays Its New Aircraft Because of Reliability Issues. (Skift)

Airline Trade Group Launches Ad Campaign to Support Open Skies Agreements. (Skift)

Trump’s Laptop Ban Could Be Expanded to Arrivals From the UK. I said from the beginning that I thought this would become ubiquitous around the world, just like the liquid ban… (Skift)

Cathay Pacific’s New CEO Outlines Three-Year Business Transformation Program. (Skift)

Spirit Air CEO: ‘For a Very Long Period of Time We Didn’t Run a Good Airline’. (Skift)

Opinion: Virgin and Richard Branson Have a Problem With Women Nobody Talks About. (Skift)

Virgin Atlantic’s PSS migration nears completion as airline future-proofs its business. (Future Travel Experience)

Alaska Air Focuses on Customer Experience and Loyalty as it Integrates Virgin America. (Skift)

Freddie Awards Pick the Year’s Best Traveler Loyalty Programs. (Skift)

Our New Opportunity to Make America’s Transportation System Great Again – Part 6. (Travel Insider)

Can Self-Driving Cars Ever Really Be Safe?. (LinkedIn)

Children’s Summer Vacations Under Attack by Teachers and Legislators in North Carolina. (Skift)

Camping On a Budget: 30 Simple Tips for Big Savings. (Cool of the Wild)

Sleeping Alone in the Woods While Female. (Outside Magazine)

New York’s Floating Forest Is Back With Some Exciting Changes. (Travel & Leisure)

The Biggest Faux Pas Americans Make While Eating in Asia. (Thrillist)


How Trader Joe’s Wine Became Cheaper Than Bottled Water. (Thrillist)

$1 Meal Tactics: Saving Big on Food Costs, a Buck at a Time. (The Simple Dollar)

Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle?. (YouTube)

Why You Shouldn’t Walk on Escalators. But this assumes you want to get everyone there faster; if you are in a hurry yourself, you’re still better off walking. So, stand right, people! (New York Times)

Civility Isn’t a Weakness. (US News)

How the Internet Gave Mail-Order Brides the Power. (Backchannel)

Kids Aren’t Us. (Esquire)

I shut off my phone at 9 p.m. every night for a week—here’s what happened. (Well & Good NYC)

Wanna Protect Your Online Privacy? Open a Tab and Make Some Noise. Eh, I’d rather companies have my profile so they can offer me personalized service. (Wired)

How to Host an Unforgettable Party. (Michelle Damiani)

Woman Wearing Same Shirt For a Week Packs 42 Different Vacation Outfits. This was me when I went to South Carolina… (Reductress)

And finally, for a(nother) laugh: Amongst the Liberal Elite: Emergency Preparedness Amongst the Liberal Elite. (McSweeneys)

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