January 15, 2017

Links I Love: January 15, 2017

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


The End of School. (Medium)

6 Resume Rules for 2017 That You May Not Know About. (Corporette)

5 Mistakes You Might Secretly Be Making at Work. (PureWow)

Are you too old to find success? (Guardian)


How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome Feeling. (99U)

How To Define Success For Yourself (No, But REALLY). (Yes and Yes)

86 Experts Reveal Their Best Time Management Tips. (AdaptRM)

10 Ways the iPhone Forever Changed Our Productivity. (Time Management Ninja)

Small Things to Remember to Change Your Life for the Better. (Science of Us)

How to Change a Selfish Person’s Stripes. (LinkedIn)

The Voices in Our Heads. (New Yorker)


5 new fitness research findings that will change the way you work out. (Well & Good NYC)

The 7-Minute Workout That Science Says Actually Works. (Greatist)

Workouts That Are So Last Year, and What to Do Instead. (Thrillist)

And for something really trendy: Hatchet Throwing Is the Craziest Workout You Can Do This Winter. (Thrillist)

7 Best Foods for a Flat Stomach (#2 is Our Favorite!). (The Good Stuff)

What Doctors Can Learn From Looking at Art. (New York Times)

30 Adventure Ideas That Anyone Can Do. (Cool of the Wild)


Future of Hotel Fitness: More On Demand, Tech-Driven and Branded. (Skift)

Governor Wants to Make New York a Hiking and Cycling Paradise. How cool – a lot of the places discussed are right where I grew up! (Skift)

Are Plans to Rebuild JFK Airport Real or a Publicity Stunt? (Skift)

How to Remake the Most Famous Airport in the World. (Bloomberg)

Um, this is absolutely ridiculousFood allergy group files federal complaint over American Airlines’ peanut policy. Note that the issue isn’t whether airlines should clean up the planes (they don’t); it’s that people are looking for any excuse to board early. (Dallas Morning News)

Report: 70+ airlines now offer in-flight Wi-Fi but there’s plenty of room for improvement. (Future Travel Experience)

Frontier Airlines Says COO Steps Down in Second Executive Departure in a Month. (Skift)

These Are the 50 Most Instagrammed Spots in Every State. (PureWow)


Paving roads. Beautifully written piece by my friend Laura! (Medium)

Talking to In-laws Can Be Hard. In Some Languages, It’s Impossible. (New York Times)

17 Leftovers You’re Probably Eating Wrong. (BuzzFeed)

Related: 8 Cooking Mistakes You’re Making on a Stovetop. (Greatist)

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