December 4, 2016

Links I Love: December 4, 2016

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Seven things I learned from PwC’s Women in Leadership program. (LinkedIn)

6 LinkedIn Etiquette Rules You Should Definitely Be Following. (The Every Girl)

I have just been laid off for the first time …..What I learned. (LinkedIn)

An Unexpected Way to Stop People from Quitting. (LinkedIn)

When Work Won’t Wait: 5 Tips for Being Productive When Traveling. (Career Contessa)


7 Overlooked Signs That You’re Actually Already Successful. (Daily Muse)

4 Easy Tricks That Will Make You Productive: Proven Secrets From Robert Cialdini. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Recognizing Depletion. (LinkedIn)

Related: 7 Ways to Slow Down So You Can Actually Get More Done. (Greatist)

Beyond the Book Club: 10 Creative Groups to Start With Friends. (Houzz)


‘How Much Suffering Can You Take?’ (New York Times)

Road to a PR: Choosing a Goal and Creating a Plan. (Run to the Finish)

Elite Runners Ryan and Sara Hall Add Parenting to Their Workouts. (New York Times)

How Music Might Improve Your Workouts. (New York Times)

Fitness Trackers Might Help Us Live Longer (if Only We Used Them). (New York Times)

Sleep Poorly? You May Eat Too Much the Next Day. (New York Times)

7 Emergency Hacks to Stay Healthy in the Winter. (Nerd Fitness)

Non-food Celebration Ideas: Stop Dreading Party Season. Great tips here! (Run to the Finish)

Facebook Could Be Associated With a Longer Life, Study Finds. (New York Times)

A Plea From A Girl With Crohn’s: Please Let Me Use Your Bathroom. (Ali on the Run)


Why the Chapecoense football team’s plane ran out of fuel. (Economist)

Emirates feels low-cost, long-haul competition. (Leeham News)

American Airlines to Passengers: “Unhappy? It’s All Your Fault.”. (LinkedIn)

United’s Revenue Management Problem: The Death of Independence of Demand. (Cranky Flier)

The airport of 2040: Biometric tickets, ultra-fast security scanners – and no more queues. (Daily Mirror)

Airport Workers Are the Have Nots of the Aviation Industry. (Skift)

30 places in Europe you must see in your lifetime. (Telegraph)

Why does San Francisco seem to have such a huge homeless problem? I was working in San Francisco this week and Googled this very question, because it seemed like there were infinitely more homeless people than other cities I’ve visited, and many were pretty aggressive. It’s interesting to see that it’s more a question of density/perception. (Fusion)

Things Denverites Are Sick of Hearing From Out-of-Towners. (Thrillist)


Why driverless cars will be safer than human drivers. (Business Insider)

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes. (Chocolate Covered Katie)

Collecting Strays at the Thanksgiving Table. (New York Times)

Miss Conduct’s 12 peeves of Christmas. (Boston Globe)

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