June 20, 2016

June Goal Progress: Week 3 Check In

So what is the hardest part of no-sugar month? The darn heat wave that’s taken over most of the country!

When you start your run at 7am and you STILL sweat this much in 30 minutes?? Brutal.

Despite the altitude, Colorado was unfortunately not spared the heat. It was in the high 90s all weekend – hot enough to where I started questioning why I had moved there instead of clear up to Canada. And then all I possibly wanted to eat was ice cream and smoothies and other frozen sweet things that I couldn’t have because of my sugar-free month. If you know a savory smoothie or popsicle recipe, please let me know. I refrained from making chicken broth popsicles but I swear I was getting close to doing so…

In large part due to that heat wave, I spent most of the weekend doing very little. I went out running/hiking every morning (woo!), but would literally arrive home so exhausted for the rest of the day that I started wondering if I had mono. Coffee didn’t help, and I couldn’t have sugar to perk me up! Instead, I opted for a beef burger instead of turkey burger at a barbecue I went to on Sunday, in hopes that perhaps my malady was an iron deficiency. Today, all better – so maybe that was it?

OBVIOUSLY I was iron deficient and OBVIOUSLY just one hamburger is all it took to cure me. (More likely: sleeping 10 hours each day of the weekend finally got me the rest I needed.)

Fortunately, I was able to avoid the delicious-looking Skinny Cow ice sandwiches that were at the barbecue (by promising myself I’d go buy a pack for my own freezer in July), and otherwise refrained from eating sugar all weekend to help with either my exhaustion or the heat. Willpower FTW!

When I look back at my food diary for the last week, I stayed under my 25 gram sugar limit every day except Friday, when I ate some coleslaw and also pork with barbecue sauce at a company picnic without realizing how much sugar those prepared foods have. No wonder coleslaw is so delicious – at 14 grams of sugar per serving, it’s basically dessert!


Come to think of it… maybe the 41 grams of sugar I had on Friday is why I was then craving sugar all weekend long?? Time for me to get back on the severely restricted sugar kick and stop the cravings.

On the bright side, there are only 10 days left till I can have ice cream! The countdown has begun.

I have already decided that Friday July 1st will find me at Sweet Cow ice cream after work. Don’t be too surprised if my order looks like this.

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