April 19, 2015

Links I Love: April 19, 2015

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


The 5 Most Common Mistakes New Freelancers Make. (99U)

A Hidden Quota for Women in Top Management. (Robert H Smith School of Business)

How to Prepare for Your Next Performance Review. (Levo League)

How to Handle a Bad Boss. (Daily Worth)

3 People, 3 Career 180s: ‘How I Reinvented Myself After 30′. (LearnVest)

5 Secrets of a Successful TED Talk. (Science of People)

Speeches — Ten Rules to Utilize. (Farnam Street

Email in Real Life. (YouTube)

Instead of a Meeting, Have a Conversation. (Time Management Ninja)


Don’t Be “Nice.” Be Instrumental. (99u)

The Shockingly Simple Change That Can Improve All of Your Relationships. (Daily Muse)

How To Find Happiness In Today’s Hectic World. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

The Secret To Happiness? Inbox Zero For Your Mind. (High Performance Lifestyle))

Minimalism Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It. (Under 30 CEO)

Got Interrupted? Here’s How To Regain Focus & Restart Work. (High Performance Lifestyle)

17 Things You Didn’t Know Google Chrome Could Do. (BuzzFeed)


Goldilocks Wasn’t a (Happy) Runner. (Huffington Post)

What Every Runner Should Do Before Race Day. (Greatist)

The “Perfect” Body. (YouTube)

Great tips for all athletes: How to Decrease Your Half-Ironman Time by 26 Minutes. (SaltStick)

Confessions of a (Reformed) Natural Mom. (Go Kaleo)


High-Tech Solutions for Decreasing Airport Security Breaches. (Skift)

The Economy Seat Concept That Will Have Passengers Booking the Middle Seat. (Skift)

Hotel revenue management software has its Pharrell Williams moment. (Tnooz)

Some lessons learned from user testing hotel websites. (Tnooz)

Meet the Man Who Claims He Just Founded a New Country in Europe. (Time)

Offbeat Travel: 8 Places You’re Not Considering…But Should. (Uncornered Market)

10 Places to Go Before They’re Gone. (Mental Floss)


Keeping Your Car Safe From Electronic Thieves. Wow, I had no idea! (New York Times)

The 8 Reasons Your Phone Keeps Dying. (PureWow)

How to Stop Checking Your Phone Like an Addict. (Max Ogles)

The Moral Bucket List. (New York Times)

Turning 30: Defined in Graphs and Charts. (The Bold Italic)

On Living Alone. (A Cup of Jo)

Related: How To Live Alone. Great comments here too. (Deadspin)

Behind the Scenes of Barbie’s Insanely Popular, Painstakingly-Produced Instagram. (Racked)

Where All the Costumes Go After TV Shows Wrap. (Fashionista)

Finally, for a laugh: Dinner at Medieval Times: A Highly Critical Review. This absolutely slayed me (though not in the literal medieval sense)! (Thrillist)

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2 thoughts on “Links I Love: April 19, 2015”

  1. Your “Links I Love” posts make my Sundays so much fun! I always appreciate the articles you suggest especially in the Career and Productivity sections! Thanks!

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