March 15, 2015

Links I Love: March 15, 2015

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Best Places for Women-Owned Businesses. (Nerd Wallet)

How to Find a Startup Worth Working For. (Sam DeBrule)

7 Questions That Will Knock the Socks Off Your Interviewer. (Levo League)

Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified. (Harvard Business Journal)

6 Common Paradoxes Women Face at Work, and How to Break Free. (Levo League)

Recline, don’t ‘Lean In’ (Why I hate Sheryl Sandberg). (Washington Post)

How to start talking to your team about diversity. (Likes and Launch)

Leadership Sets the Tone for Diversity in Tech. (Medium)

8 Tips for Surviving in an Open Office Space. (Levo League)

Some thoughts on professional etiquette because some of you really need it. (Love Life Eat)

Stuck in a Meeting That Barely Involves You? Pull a “Fixler”. (99u)


Conference Room Seem Far Away? It’s No Accident. (Wall Street Journal)

Psychologists Say Successful Entrepreneurs Have These 4 Personality Traits. (Levo League)

Beware of Perception Gaps. (99u)

4 Ways You’re Killing Your Confidence. (Levo League)

Why Are Some Cultures More Individualistic Than Others? (New York Times)

When Ridiculousness is Ubiquitous. (Mr. Money Mustache)

The Law of Crappy People. (Farnam Street)

Why Mornings Don’t Make You Moral. (The New Yorker)

Is Being Hangry Real? (Thrillist)


An Amazing Thing Happened When I Surrounded Myself With Junk Food. (Greatist)

24 Hacks That Will Make You Love Morning Workouts. (Greatist)

How to Make Yourself Poop. (Runner’s World)

The 11 Best Running Camps in the U.S. (Daily Burn)

Regarding the start of a marathon: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. (See Dane Run)

How to Conceive an Athlete. (Science of Us)

One Twin Exercises, the Other Doesn’t. (New York Times)


3 Ways Disappearance of MH370’s Changed Malaysia. (Skift)

From Freddies to Skytrax: Making Sense of Airline and Airport Awards. (Skift)

DIA hailed as 2nd-best airport in United States. (Denver Business Journal)

Who is the experiential traveler and what do they care about? (TNooz)

What 5 Hotel Front Desk Employees Would Change About Check-In. (Skift)

Princess Cruises to Run 4 Original Musicals From Oscar-Winning Composer. (Skift)

5 reasons why the sharing economy is here to stay no matter what. (TNooz)

Alaska’s Iditarod Dog Race Forced North Because of Warmer Weather. (Skift)


8 Cooking Tricks to Elevate That Basic Veggie Side. (Self Magazine)

Cheap and Social: 15 Inexpensive and Very Fun Things to Do With Friends. (The Simple Dollar)

29 Crazy-Fun First Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Sitting at a Bar. (Greatist)

Hell Yeah, I Wear A Fanny Pack. (Buzzfeed)

Finally, for a laugh: The 24 Types of Food Snobs. (Thrillist)

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