August 19, 2014

Weekend Recap: Favorite Bar Bike Tour

This weekend, some friends organized a really awesome event: the Favorite Bar Bike Tour (FBBT). Basically, we all put in our suggestions for favorite bars in the Denver area (especially the ones we don’t usually have an excuse to go to), then the organizers drew up a list and route, and we managed to hit up seven of them over the course of a Saturday afternoon.

FBBT 2014

While the route was really well-planned, this year’s iteration (the 3rd in an annual tradition) suffered a bit from one thing. With the growing popularity of bike sharing programs, most of us had opted to ride B-Cycles (Denver’s bike sharing plan) rather than bringing our own. The route had been specifically designed to have B-Cycle stations in close proximity to each of the stops. However, with twenty of us all hitting the B-Cycle stations at the same time, there weren’t enough bikes to go around!

“Okay, so there are six bikes here… we’ll take these and there is another B-Cycle station three blocks that way. So you guys can go there and we’ll meet you there.”

“Sounds good – we’ll see you there! …okay, now who is calling the Uber?”

So perhaps it wasn’t the most athletic of afternoons, but it was still a really amazing time 🙂

And it seems I forgot to mention one of the best parts of the whole thing: every year there is a theme, and people dress in costume accordingly. This year’s theme? “Dress as your favorite decade.”

FBBT Decades
Standing in chronological order from the right: 1290s, 1920s, 1940s, 1970s, a whole bunch of 1980s, and a dash of 1990s 🙂

I know that summer is almost done, but I would highly encourage you to round up your friends and do a FBBT of your own. It’s a great chance to dress up, explore your city, and make tons of new friends along the way. I definitely can’t wait for next year!


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