June 29, 2014

Links I Love: June 29, 2014

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/iPad and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


How to Be Really Successful Without Becoming a Workaholic. (Intuit)

No matter what the boss says about flextime, get to work early. (Quartz)

I think this advice is so spot-on, I sent it to all our summer interns. Everyone should read it! 6 Email Habits Your Boss Hates. (LevoLeague)

A Woman Analogizes Giving Birth To A KatyPerry Concert​. My friend Theodora and I had a really interesting discussion about this one, and concluded that it really depends on what type of job you have. Is your work your work and no one else can do it, or does taking personal time mean someone else needs to cover for you? If it’s the former, I agree with the letter writer (not the author of this piece) that it’s not fair to judge other people’s priorities; everyone should get the same amount of “passes,” whether they are parents or childless. (Above the Law Redline)

5 Silly Things That Are Holding You Back at Work. (LearnVest)

Secret LinkedIn Strategies of a 10-Year Power User. (Zapier)

Can Envy Be a Virtue? Taming the Green-eyed Monster at Work. (Hotel News Now)


I really don’t want to follow this advice, but… Why You Should Stop Taking Notes on Your Computer.(Crew Labs)

5 Ways You’re Telling People Your Time Isn’t Valuable. (Time Management Ninja)

5 Obvious Ways To Massively Increase Productivity That You Probably Aren’t Doing. (Under 30 CEO)

How Netflix Is Changing Our Brains, And Why That May Not Be All Good. Never thought about it this way before, but it makes perfect sense! Good thing I don’t have Netflix 🙂 (Forbes)

Anatomy Of A Dance Hit: Why We Love To Boogie With Pharrell. (NPR)

6 Proven Tips to Increase Self Control. (Refinery 29)

Under Pressure?  Here’s How to Deal With It. (Crew Labs)


Losing Weight May Require Some Serious Fun. (New York Times)

Overestimating How Hard We Exercise. (New York Times)

When Is It OK to Cheat? The Pros and Cons of Cheat Days. (Daily Burn)

The Difference Between Eating for Fitness & Weight-Loss. (The Skinny Life)

7 Lies You Believe About Ultra Marathons. (Vanessa Runs)

Cool read! Don’t Try This at Home: How I Learned to Do a Backflip in Just 4 Weeks. (Greatist)


Inside InterContinental Hotels’ New Health and Wellness Themed Brand. (Skift)

HotelTonight In Talks With Hotels About Keyless Room Entry. (Skift)

Hotel freebies you should always cash in on. (USA Today)

Hotel mergers: Come back another day. (Economist)

What Not to Pack. (New York Times)

3 Must-Know Trends to Understand the Millennial Traveler. (Skift)

Turnaround Strategy: What You Can Learn From Southwest Airlines. (Inc)

Washington-Reagan National Airport: Time to dismantle the perimeter. (Economist)

I rode the old-school Copenhagen public bikes when I studied abroad there; there was definitely a lot of freedom to break the rules! Meet the future of public transport: electric cycles with onboard tablets. (Quartz)


Old School: 7 Ideas From Ancient Thinkers To Improve Your Modern Life. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

The History of the Martini. (Farnam Street)

In Defense of Your Boyfriend’s Gal Pal. (Elle)

Second Homes With Friends: What to Know Before You Buy With a Buddy. I’m not ready to buy a primary home yet, but going in with friends on a vacation home is something I’ve been considering. (LearnVest)

Clever Cleaning Tips And Tricks. (Mixer to Mower)

And for an amazing laugh: A freaked out dude found an owl in his kitchen and removed it on a Swiffer: The Owl Whisperer. (Happy Place)

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5 thoughts on “Links I Love: June 29, 2014”

  1. I like the group-buying vacation home idea! I just saw a video on my flight that 61% of the properties on beautiful St. Croix (virgin islands) are under $250k. Lots of random international locations where the real estate market hasn’t yet bounced back to peak prices so there are good deals if you’re not too specific on location.

    1. Parts of St. Croix are really beautiful…but a lot of it is really, really run-down. It seems like they experienced their heyday in the 80s and haven’t bounced back in a long time. Some friends and I saw gorgeous vacation homes in OBX for less than 400k and talked about going in on them together, but that prospect sounds terrifying. I think you really really really have to treat it like a biz and have an airtight contract.

    2. I was thinking more domestic, so we could go there a lot… but maybe the international destinations should be added to the list!

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