May 20, 2014

Heading Back To My “Blends”

I’ve been trying to be in Colorado as many weekends as possible, since I just moved and I want to strengthen friendships there. It’s really hard when I’m still always in Dallas on weekdays! Plus, I am going to have to be in Dallas for work pretty much the entire months of July and August, including weekends. As a result, I ruled out going to the Blend Retreat in Utah, even though I had a blast last year.

But on Monday morning, Lauren (who lives only a few miles away from me in Colorado) reminded readers that she’s one of this year’s Blend co-organizers. Curious, I clicked over to the list of attendees. It turns out that there are more than a few Colorado bloggers going, plus some friends from other places that I haven’t seen in a long timeAnd, a lot of my favorite people from Blend 2013 are going back again! I’ve been under some stress lately, and the idea of spending a weekend having healthy playtime with so many wonderful people sounded like something I couldn’t pass up. And if there would be so many Colorado people there, it would still achieve the goal of strengthening the friendships in my new home…

…so I signed up!

I'm Attending Blend Retreat 2014

Anyone else want to join? As I just proved, it’s still not too late to book your travel and sign up! (And if you’re nervous, check out the post I wrote last year on surviving my first blog conference.)


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