February 16, 2013

Puerto Rico, You Lovely Island…

The secret is out: we took Theodora to San Juan, Puerto Rico to celebrate her 30th birthday. And what a fabulous time it is!

Ashley, being a far more dedicated blogger than I, already put up a post about how we came to choose our destination/resort. In short, we were looking for someplace relatively close to NYC (I voted for Hawaii, but that was overruled as too far away), beachy/warm, but relatively affordable from both an airfare and hotel perspective. Puerto Rico is turning out to be everything we thought it would be – 85 degree temps and gorgeous beaches where we can lounge all day, plus an exciting bar/club scene to explore at night. Yes, these girls even got me to dance at a club until 3am – and have fun doing it! Ah, the power of good friends πŸ™‚

Want to know why the birthday girl is laughing so hard? Sorry, Ash and I aren’t telling.

Today, it’s a day of lying by the infinity pool – and working my way through the year’s worth of magazines I brought that have been cluttering my coffee table. And while we’re dancing up a storm at night, I’m also making it a point to get in some workouts as well. Yesterday, it was Shape Magazine’s “November Workout of the Month” – one minute each of various bodyweight exercises – followed by a few sets of these Brazilian Butt Workout exercises. Today’s workout remains TBD, but I’m sure I can find something in either the stack of magazines or online. I love Pinterest for finding new no-equipment workouts!

This is exactly the kind of weekend I love best – mixing fun with feeling good. I’m so happy to be here with a group of friends who have the same values I do! Happy Saturday, y’all πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Puerto Rico, You Lovely Island…”

  1. Zenaida, this was my first time to PR other than flying through on a layover. It’s been a great trip!

    Kel, I keep thinking of our wonderful trip to Cancun – hope we can travel together again soon πŸ™‚

    1. Laura, we stayed at the Renaissance LaConcha and loved it. There are several pools, including an adults-only infinity pool, plus a gorgeous and well-kept beach. The staff was very helpful with finding us chairs for the beach at no charge, too. It was a bit of a cab ride (10 mins?) into Old San Juan, but if you want sun, I’d recommend it over staying downtown.

      For my next trip to Puerto Rico, in May for the marathon, I’m staying at the Sheraton Old San Juan. I imagine it will be a very different experience, but the purpose of my trip is different so I’m fine with that. I can definitely tell you more after May!

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