July 13, 2012


As you probably know from complaining posts I’ve written in the past, I’m starting to get really exhausted of my travel schedule lately. The other day, someone pointed out that my 7 days between going up to Albany to see my dad and Monday when I went to work was probably my longest time not getting on a plane in a while. And when I thought about it, that was exactly true. I can’t remember the last time I was in New York for more than seven consecutive days. Perhaps at Christmas? I’ve been traveling for work Monday-Thursday every week for the last two years, and it’s definitely starting to wear on me. Fortunately, my company is fairly generous with their vacation time – and I’m finally getting to take some of it. One week of staycation, coming up!

Tomorrow I’ll be working from home, but the end of the work day tomorrow marks the beginning of a week that I am just so, so, excited for. It begins on Saturday with my birthday fun run of 27 miles – which probably sounds like torture to some, but to me, is an incredible way to kick off vacation. Which type are you – a long run hater or lover? If it’s the latter, please come on out and do a few miles with me – drop me a comment or an email so I can add you to my spreadsheet (come on, you knew an Excel addict like me couldn’t resist making one) of who’s doing which miles with me. Added bonus: the amazing boutique spin studio Pedal NYC is going to provide some finish line festivities and a pass for a free class next week to those who come out to run!! How amazing are they?!

Post run, the crew will head over to my favorite beer bar in New York City, Rattle N Hum, for some celebration time that includes many of my non-running friends. I have to admit, though, while I planned this celebration right around when I started my “no beer except on special occasions” rule, I figured I’d be dying for a sip of suds. In fact, I’ve kind of gotten used to not drinking beer (my craft beer-loving friend Nick is slapping his forehead in disbelief right now) and I kind of wish I had planned to celebrate at a wine or cocktail bar! Never would have seen that one coming. But no matter, I’m sure once the taste of sweet, sweet hops hits my lips that I’ll be clamoring for more. (Let’s just hope I can wean myself off it again in time for Alcohol-Free August in a few weeks.)

After a night of unabashed birthday debauchery, I’ll be leading an Urban Girl Squad running group from the Athleta UES store on Sunday morning – so if you can’t make the Saturday run, you have one more chance 🙂 And then? The rest of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday is wide open… or at least, open for me to tackle the crazy-long vacation to-do list I’ve been dreaming up for a month or two. Some of it is not-so-fun (clean my bathroom, do the laundry, scrub the kitchen floor, take boxes of donations to Salvation Army) but some of it is long overdue fun things that I am pretty psyched for (finally tackle the “vision board” assignment I was given by my coach out in California, catch up with various friends, spend a day working on articles at Greatist headquarters and get to know the other writers/staff better). After scanning my loooooong list, I highly doubt I’m going to get to everything, but I’m thrilled to at least get a week of feeling like I live a normal life instead of dealing with the wackiness of only being home for 72 hours at a time.

And with that? Thank Goodness It’s Flyday! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Staycation!”

  1. I’m so sad I’m missing your bday fun!. Mine is tomorrow and I’m spending the day babysitting my nephew and then I’m flying to Utah for the month. I AM excited about all the amazing hiking and national park visiting, but definitely sad about missing nyc running fun and your bday festivities Laura! Hope you have tons of fun!

  2. It’s weird, I don’t mind doing a long run (although for me, long is like 10 miles not 27!) but I don’t like thinking about doing it, if that makes any sense!

    I kind of want to do an alcohol free August too, but I’m not sure I can commit!

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