June 4, 2012

VBarre Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I won a contest offered by Well and Good NYC for a free Figure 4 class for me and my friends. As you may remember, I opened it to all blog readers – and we ended up with quite a turnout! This was my first “real” barre experience (I had taken a Hot Figure 4 class once before via Ashley, but since I had a marathon that weekend, I went really easy instead of all out), and it ended up being intense. Within the first 5 minutes of class, my legs were shaking like crazy, and the instructor, Figure 4 founder Kate Albarelli, was admonishing me for giving up mid-exercise to rest – but I honestly couldn’t handle it! As someone who works out a lot, I was pretty embarrassed at how much of a wuss I was… until we all got 16 Handles fro yo after class and I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling. Barre classes are tough!

After having such a great experience with Figure 4, I looked into signing up for more classes – but unfortunately found that membership at Pure Yoga is on a monthly basis ($245/month), and that they don’t offer classes a la carte. Bummer! With all the travel I do, I decided a year ago that it really doesn’t make sense for me to keep a monthly gym membership in NYC – it’s better for me to just pay by the class, both to get my money’s worth and because I enjoy a variety of classes rather than committing myself to just one option. There are a lot of boutique studios in NYC that offer a la classes for $25-40, so I take those with friends when I can, and rely on the various free classes offered throughout the city (like those at Athleta or via Urban Girl Squad) when those are available. And I can always go running or do a bodyweight routine on my own!

However, given what a challenge barre classes seemed to be, I was thrilled recently to receive a really exciting offer from New York Sports Club. NYSC is rolling out two new signature classes throughout Manhattan: UXF – Ultimate Fitness Experience- which is basically NYSC’s highest intensity class (think CrossFit) and a barre-inspired class called VBarre.

VBarre transcends the typical ballet barre exercise class by blending ballet, Pilates and resistance training into a calorie-burning workout. The result is a lean and sculpted body in minimal time. Choreographed movements using a ballet barre, light weights and a glide board are set to motivating music.

The class is taught in eight week sessions of one hour class per week, with the next session beginning July 9. VBarre is usually $149 per session, which works out to $18/class – considerably less expensive than most of the boutique studios offering barre classes in New York. However, for one lucky reader, you’ll get to try the full eight week session for free! You are free to choose any session you like – the class is offered at select NYSC locations including 49th & Broadway, 23rd and Park, 36th and Madison, 91st and Third, and Sheridan Square; more details on class days/times can be found at the NYSC website. I will be taking the class offered at the West 49th Street location on Fridays at 8am, if you’d like to join me for that… but you are welcome to select any VBarre session that you like.

As an extra bonus, I’m getting an opportunity to interview Veronica Combs, the creator of VBarre, who will be answering any and all questions about the class! I’m looking forward to getting an inside view on how VBarre was created and what its strengths and weaknesses are even before I get to my first class. Of course, if you have questions you’d like answered as well, please let me know and I’ll do my best to get them answered by Veronica!

To enter the giveaway, just comment on this post with why you’d like to try VBarre / your thoughts on barre classes in general / questions for the VBarre founder. If you’d like an extra entry, Tweet a link to the giveaway (copy me, 50by25, to get the credit for the extra entry). The contest closes at 8am ET on Friday, June 8, and the winner will be notified at that time.


8 thoughts on “VBarre Giveaway!”

  1. i swore that june was my month of trying new fitness opportunities/taking a break from running before training for nyc marathon picks up! this would be awesome to try! and as i found out with surfset, these kinds of classes are intimidating, but worth the extra sweat!!

  2. I would love to try VBarre. I’ve just done one barre class (Figure 4, with you!), and I also wanted to cry/die, but it’s definitely something I’d like to try again. As a former gymnast wanting to take adult gym classes again, and as a recreational roller derby skater, barre method classes work out my most important muscle group for both sports [in my opinion]: the quads/glutes and core.

  3. Vbarre sounds awesome! I’ll be starting to train for the Chicago marathon soon, and this would be a great way for me to incorporate a different kind of strength class…plus, after trying Figure 4, I’d love to do more barre classes!

  4. love the sound of vbarre! I have recently become a barre class junkie. After herniating a disc in my back, I realized how important it is to work your core and strengthen my body to help prevent future injuries. Since completing PT in April, I have been taking barre classes 3-4 times a week, but am always looking for a new class to try!

  5. Jen, the random number generator has chosen you! Please email me at laura at 50 by 25 dot com to claim your prize by 6pm today; otherwise, another winner will be drawn.

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