January 27, 2012

Free Night!

While I am usually saying “Thank goodness it’s Thursday” every week, today I have extra reason to be grateful: after a super productive first few days at my new client, I was able to duck out early and catch a 2:30pm flight instead of a 7pm flight – putting me home at 7pm instead of midnight. FREE NIGHT! Glorious.

My plans for the night though? Not so impressive. I initially wanted to try to squeeze in some gym time. I did a weight lifting workout this morning (day 2 of Kara Goucher’s cross-training routine), and figured I’d follow it up with some straight up cardio tonight. But before I could even put my gym clothes on, I discovered how ridiculously sore my legs/butt already are from the deadlifts and weighted lunges I did this morning. I’m pretty scared to see what tomorrow morning is going to bring – 24 hours after a workout is usually when I’m at my most sore. Dear Kara, how do you RUN after doing this workout? I am already starting to waddle from the soreness! (Though not going to lie – I LOVE soreness from a good workout. It makes me feel proud and accomplished).

Since I’m really not very hungry tonight and I indulged on a few drinks last night with the team, I’m also going to take a page from Bread is the Devil, and have made today a veggie/protein day. Breakfast = hardboiled egg, piece of salmon, and cottage cheese. Lunch = salad bowl at Chipotle (lettuce, tomato salsa, chicken, veggies, and black beans; no dressing). And for dinner, I’m making a massive bowl of hummus out of a full can of chickpeas, a few tablespoons of some roasted red pepper pesto sauce, and a lot of garlic – and then digging in with some celery and snap peas. It’s actually not incredibly low-calorie, given that I’m eating an entire can of chickpeas, but I think the snackiness of it will feel light – which is what I’m craving right now rather than a “real” meal.

Bedtime at 8:45pm? I think so. LOVE IT!


3 thoughts on “Free Night!”

  1. I refuse to read that “Bread is the Devil” book because I think it’s BS. People NEED carbs. Simple carbs aren’t bad for you, it’s about moderation! Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about it.

  2. It’s REALLY annoying that she titled the book that, because that’s actually not the point of it at all. I actually get a little embarrassed to post that I like the book, because no-carb diets are a disaster – this one is actually EXACTLY about moderation. I’d really encourage you to at least head for a B&N and check out the chapter on traveling – I bet you in particular would really like it.

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