January 26, 2012

16 hour day… and still going

Today has been crazy.

To catch my 6am flight out of Charlottesville (tear!), I had to be up at 4:30am. Because I am an absolute nut and I really wanted to do yoga in the morning, that meant waking up at 4am (probably should have been sooner, but I rushed like crazy through my getting ready routine). Upshot? I got up super duper early, but was really proud of myself for getting a workout in. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

And then, in stream-of-consciousness form:

6am flight from Charlottesville to Atlanta. Dear Delta: why do you not stock decaf? Dear Flight Attendant: I don’t believe that you don’t have decaf; I do believe that you didn’t want to prepare it for me.

Too short 30 minute layover in which I ran smack dab into an empty wheelchair blocking the jetway. Massive bruise already formed on my left ankle. Curse words forming in my brain (though, classily, not spoken).

Trans-terminal sprint to my gate, with no time to stop for real breakfast (vs my 4:30am granola bar). Time to collapse into my seat and settle down to work.

Arrive in Kansas City at 9:30am, having already put in 3 hours of work on both planes. The day is just beginning!

Work. Work. Work. Work. What do you mean, it’s 12:40pm and I have a 1pm meeting? I want lunch!

Work. Work. Work. Work. Lunch break! Obviously 2:30pm CT is an appropriate time for lunch after a 4:30am ET breakfast.

Work. Work. Work. Work. 8pm CT. Team dinner in 30 minutes. Praying for a short dinner and bed ASAP. Workout tonight? No way.

…something tells me this project is going to be a “control my weight with diet instead of exercise” gig.

Craving something a bit more eloquently written? Check out my guest post for Ashley’s Marathons+Moderation series!


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