May 5, 2011

Psyching myself up, blog-style

The days of not having a full-time project are so up and down! I feel like I could pretty much just duplicate my post from a few weeks ago, “One day up, one day down” – yesterday I was super busy and productive, and today… not so much.

Yesterday, I headed into the office, because I was going to be doing some client interviews and wanted to use a landline instead of my cell phone. Hey, techies – would love to hear your thoughts on this. When I had a basic Verizon flip phone, I got great service, and my roommate (who had a smartphone on Sprint) had tons of dropped calls – I thought it was just the crappy Sprint service. But then I switched to a smartphone, still on Verizon – and my service started getting terrible in the apartment too! While I get great service everywhere else, when I’m in my apartment, I get lots of dropped calls, and sometimes when people try to call me, it goes straight to voicemail instead of ringing. Today, one of my best friends tried me EIGHT times (I had just been on the phone with him so he knew I was available) before it finally rang! Ridiculous. Anyway, I’m debating either getting a landline phone for my apartment, or getting a repeater-kind of device to boost the signal. Anyone have advice there?

So to get back to my day, I headed into the office, and spent the day getting a lot of work stuff done. At lunchtime, I took a break to check out another salad lunch spot that I’ll be reviewing on the blog soon, and then cranked away for the afternoon. I had to get a lot done because I didn’t want anything to mess with my evening plans – Glee Workout at Broadway Bodies with some of my girlfriends! Super fun. I had never been to this class before, but it turned out to be an absolute blast. I forgot how much I missed musical theater dancing (which I used to do all the time growing up when I was constantly doing theater!), and while I didn’t necessarily love the pop/really contemporary choreography, I still had so much fun. I really want to try to start taking more dance classes – that was my New Year’s resolution, after all!

Post-class, my girlfriends headed to dinner, but I had to pass – I had a first date planned at a lounge in Tribeca… or so I thought. While I hadn’t been too excited about the idea of going to a lounge (not really my style), it turned out to be more of a cool speakeasy, and they had live jazz starting at 10pm. The drinks were incredibly unique and delicious, and it’s very possible that I had a few too many and didn’t get home until 2am… yes, on a Wednesday. Oops 🙂

I woke up this morning at 6am, with no idea whatsoever why I had set my alarm that early. What was I thinking? I flipped it off and went back to bed for another hour, but when I got up around 8am, I was still wiped out. I definitely still have my “super power” of never getting hungover, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that a night of drinking and not much sleep renders me exhausted the next day. I can function just fine, so it’s not like my productivity suffers, but I spend the whole day yawning and just counting down the hours till bedtime. What an old lady I am!

I got the day off to a good Cinco de Mayo start with a Mexican-inspired breakfast: grits with cheese and black beans, peppers, onions, and salsa. But once I had my breakfast, that was pretty much it for productivity during the day (at least on the non-work front). I couldn’t seem to get motivated to do my Insanity workout, which I kept procrastinating on. However, since I didn’t want to shower/etc before working out, that also means I never bothered to get cleaned up to go out in public. Furthermore, while it’s now 5:30pm, I still haven’t done my Insanity workout… and the fact that I now need to workout and get all dolled up makes the process of going out tonight an arduous one.

On the one hand, I just want to stay in and rest, especially since I have two happy hours on the docket for tomorrow. That would also give me time to do my workout, which I really need to do. On the other hand, staying in is so incredibly anti-social, and it’s Cinco de Mayo! I love margaritas, but I also feel terribly guilty about having one on a day when I skipped my workout. I haven’t skipped an Insanity workout since I started, which is part of what gets me motivated to do it every day (don’t want to break the streak, after all). But back to the pro-going-out-side, today’s workout plan is “Cardio Recovery,” which is a pilates-based recovery session that I could probably double up on tomorrow.

And as I typed that… I decided. Since it’s pilates-based (vs the regular routine), I think I can handle a two-a-day workout tomorrow, which means I’m having a margarita tonight! Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone 🙂


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  1. haha. Good decision to go out! Hope you had fun and get to double-up the Insanity today. I often find myself staying dirty/unshowered all day because I plan on working out “eventually.” But then it pushes my whole agenda back….I wish I could workout and just look (and smell) fantastic afterward!

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