April 22, 2011

One day up, one day down

This morning, I thought it was not going to be a good day. I overslept, and my friend whom I was meeting for breakfast overslept… and the day just got off to a late start. However, while I was having coffee, my day totally turned around!

On Sunday, when I was having fondue with my friends Meg and Topher, I mentioned that I want to try to see more Broadway shows. Topher said he’d let me know the next time he was doing student rush to get cheap tickets… and while I was having coffee, he texted me that he was on his way with a few other friends to rush How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, starring Daniel Radcliffe (yes, Harry Potter). He invited me to come join the fun, and said that they’d hold the place in line for me till I got there! Awesome.

I didn’t get there until about 9:40am, and I felt kind of bad, since they had been waiting since 8:15am… but they were so grateful that I had brought them hot cocoas that I think it balanced out 🙂 Topher introduced me to his friends Jess and Lauren, and I learned that all three of them had gone to school together for theater – so I fit right in quickly (tip for new readers: while I eventually got a business degree, I started college as a theater major at NYU). At first, we were a bit worried, because there were about 40 people in line ahead of us, and each person is allowed two tickets… but as luck would have it, we managed to get four seats together for the matinee (which was what we had wanted).

After getting the tickets, I headed home, figuring I had just enough time for a workout. This week, I started the full scale Beachbody Insanity workouts (which are totally kicking my butt), and I planned to get in another 45 minute sweat-inducing session, get cleaned up, grab lunch, and then head back to the theater. I got through the workout fine (okay, not really “fine” because it was killer, but at least I did it), but then the rest of my plans were thwarted by an urgent request from work, sending me into a tizzy as I lost time and now had to dress for work, pack my laptop, and plan to go into the office after the show.

By the time I left for the theater, I had only 30 minutes to get there. While ordinarily I wouldn’t worry – I’d make it, more or less – I generally like to get to the theater early, and have no tolerance for latecomers at a Broadway show. Despite the fact that I had taken the time to shower and get all dressed up, I wasted it in my mad dash to the theater, where I arrived a bit sweaty (though nowhere near what Beachbody Insanity does to me). Oops! But better sweaty than late 🙂

I found my friends at our seats, and settled in with just a few minutes until the overture. The others chatted about seeing their friend, Rose, who was in the show, and told me that they had given her our names for us to come backstage afterward. Neat! I was looking forward to it. Before we could chat any more, though, the lights dimmed and it was time for the show.

Midway through the first act, it occurred to me that I should look for their friend. During the next chorus number, I turned to Jess and whispered, “which one is your friend?” She replied, “oh, she’s not in this… she’s Rosemarie, the one in the pink dress.” Um, the female LEAD? Yes, that was her. Amazing!

The show was incredible – typical happy-happy-fun-fun old school Broadway show, but I thought the choreography was really outstanding, and the plot (being all about business/management) was really interesting to me. But the best part of all was getting to walk past all the people lined up behind the ropes waiting for autographs, collect my fancy backstage pass, and go through the backstage door and right onto the stage!

Rose was super nice to us backstage, and made a special point of introducing herself to me and thanking me for coming, which I thought was so generous given that I had never even met her before! But before long, work was beckoning, and I had to say goodbye and head off to the office.

What I thought would be a quick check in turned into a much longer period of time to knock out some work on a proposal, but I still made it to dinner with some girlfriends afterward. While I ate healthy for most of the meal, I couldn’t resist a special treat for dessert: a butterscotch sundae. I don’t think I’ve had a full on sundae since I was a little kid – and it was so good! I knew it was a splurge, diet-wise, but I had been working out hard the past few days, and besides, sometimes you just have to cap off the perfect day in the perfect way 🙂

Today, however, I woke up feeling not-so-great. Not just because I had combined a few glasses of wine with a super decadent dessert the night before, but because I just felt like a slug. I had such a whirlwind of a day on Wednesday, and it wore me out… but at the same time, I felt this internal pressure to somehow top it. And how can you top a day like that?

So rather than even try, I’m ashamed to say, I kind of gave up. I spent most of the day lying around on my computer (not even writing this blog post!), just messing around online. I didn’t come out of my stupor until about 6:30pm, when I firmed up my plans for the night (TV with a friend – super active, I know) and then had to jump into high gear to get my workout for the day done and get showered up for civilization. I swear, the less there is to do, the less of my to do list I get done! But when I’m busy, I somehow manage to do it all. Anyone else do the same thing?

Tomorrow, I have a few “must dos” on tap, so I’m hoping that will keep me going. And then, a gloriously free weekend ahead! Best part – Sunday is Easter and officially the end of Lent, so I get my beloved coffee again! That will hopefully make me less of a grouch to be around 🙂 Anyone in NYC have fun plans and/or want to get together? I’m probably going to pass on the various races this weekend, just due to the rain, but I’d consider post-race brunch/drinks if someone’s up for it.


7 thoughts on “One day up, one day down”

  1. That sundae looks amazing…even tops my old favorite: Friendly’s Swiss Buttered Almond sundae with pistachio ice cream! Glad you treated yourself to a small reward for your serious workout accomplishments! 🙂

  2. As you can see, I’m a bit behind in blog reading. Oy!

    But yes, I am the exact same way. I need lots of projects to keep my busy and happy. When things wind down too much, I am not productive at all.

    Angela/Pretty in Orange

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