March 10, 2011

Meeting my blogger friends

Last night, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Lauren of Failed Muffins for dinner. We had a blast, checking out this great Turkish tapas restaurant called Agora, and chatting about fitness, work, love, and everything in between. At the end of the night, all I could think was how much I regretted not meeting up sooner! I was originally supposed to meet Lauren at a blogger meetup she organized last April during the weekend of the Boston Marathon, but I ended up getting busy with some other friends and not prioritizing the meetup… and now I’m totally bummed that it took this long to discover just how awesome Lauren is!

However, some good did come out of it (beyond the pleasure of making Lauren’s acquaintance). I’m a firm believer that regrets can be a good thing, because what’s a regret if you don’t learn something from it, right? And I am learning from this one. No more missed chances and putting off meetups out of laziness and the desire to sleep in. This Sunday in New York, I’m heading to Claire’s Beer Run in Brooklyn. We’re going to do a few loops of Prospect Park to get some mileage in, then embark upon about a five mile journey that will take us from beer to cheese fries as we go bar hopping!

So – I know there are lots of New Yorker running bloggers who read this. Heck, I know there are lots of New Yorker drinkers who read this 🙂 Don’t end up meeting up with me later only to find out later just how hilarious I can be once I’ve downed a few pints – come join the fun this Sunday! For more details, check out Will Run for Beer.

Oh, and DC bloggers? I’m coming after you next 🙂


12 thoughts on “Meeting my blogger friends”

  1. Would have loved to do the beer run, but I will never have enough points with my wife to fly to NY, run with a strange girl, and drink beer with her during the process. Doh!

  2. Lauren said she had a blast with you. Let’s do it up in DC! I live super close to where you guys ate the other night and am always up for anything and everything eating, drinking, running.

  3. Sally and Emily, I’ll get something together soon 🙂

    Tummy, Jamoosh, and Bailey, I’ll let you know next time I’m in either ATL or TX!

  4. I was totally planning on signing up for the beer run with you and Claire but I have a Zog Soccer game at 2pm and would be TOASTED if I had to drink, run, and play soccer all in like a three hour span.

    On that note, have fun tomorrow!

  5. Hey, nice meeting you at the beer run! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat some more – there were just SO MANY people, and SO MANY beers!!

  6. Hi Laura! You know I’ve read about you & your record before and I didn’t even realize it when I met you at the beer run Sunday! It was a good time. Check out my band sometime when you get a chance! We’re playing this Sunday at the Delancey in celebration of the NYC Half (although, you may have mentioned being out of town… memory a bit fuzzy from the beers…)

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