February 23, 2011

The Bachelor vs a bachelor

Today has been a whirlwind day! It’s my last day in town before my 2 months of travel (with only a few days at home sprinkled in between), so I had a lot to do around the apartment to get all my loose ends tied up. Additionally, I worked yesterday and today on my regular client materials, but tomorrow through Friday I am going to be in Chicago for training, so I needed to try to squeeze a week’s worth of work into just two days. Rough!

The shortage on time means that every minute is valuable… which is why I’m considering canceling a second date I had lined up for tonight. The choice? That, or staying in to read, work out, and watch last night’s Bachelor episode. I think it probably does not bode well for the date that I consider those options equivalent, but to be sure, I asked around:

BFF Kelli: I think you should go. Because you can watch the bachelor, read, and workout another time. None of those things are going anywhere, but this guy might be.

Adam: What does the guy rate on the 1-10 scale? Over 4? Go out. Easy peasy.

Chia: Is the dude remarkable? I say if he doesn’t spicy up your step then totally bail and don’t give it a second thought.

Brad, I’m sorry, but you are not getting a rose from me tonight. Off to the date I go!


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