February 25, 2011

Functional fitness

Last night at our company bowling event, there was some good and bad stuff going from a health perspective.

On the good side: My usual MO is to just (attempt to) pick up balls one at a time until I find one that is light enough for me to hold. I normally end up bowling with one of those kiddie-colored pink or orange balls that are only 7 or 8 pounds, since that’s all my puny arms could lift. Last night, the very first ball I picked up was comfortable, even light-feeling. I turned it over, surprised that a dark green ball would be a kiddie ball… and discovered it was 14 pounds! I couldn’t believe it. With my new trusty heavy duty ball, I even bowled a few strikes and a few spares (though unfortunately not right in a row, to maximize the points). Talk about real life evidence that your weight lifting routine is working!

On the bad side: vodka sodas are always delicious, and usually a pretty good choice as far as being on the lighter side. However, they stop losing their health appeal when you have close to a dozen over the course of the night (in my defense, I was out for about 8 hours). They are also probably not so healthy when paired with breaded-and-deep-fried macaroni and cheese bites, which were the main food offering we had. Not that the cheeseburger sliders or buffalo wings were much better…

Happy Friday! Hope you are all well 🙂 I’m off to Boston this weekend to visit two of my best friends (one from high school, one from college). With any luck, being in the city where I trained for my first marathon will inspire me to get out there for a run this weekend… the National Marathon is only a few weeks away, and I am in big trouble on the preparation front.


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