January 4, 2011

Red Letter Night

I got out of work at 6:30pm, pumped about what lay ahead. In addition to having a healthy dinner and a killer workout on tap, it was also one of the cheesiest, most fun nights of TV of the year: Bachelor Season Finale night!

I think I’ve mentioned The Bachelor a few times on the blog, but for new readers, I’ll take a minute to explain. If you’ve never seen it, you probably think I’m shallow for watching. But that’s only because you haven’t seen it! The women are so dumb, the drama is so scripted… and it’s hilarious. In the past, I’ve watched with my girlfriends and a few bottles of wine – which of course, only helps to enhance the comedy of it all.

So when I got home at 6:45pm, I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to get checked in, get my workout done, and get food before settling in for the hijinks at 8pm. But it was my lucky day! I just made platinum status at my hotel chain (finally!), and when I inquired about the possibility of getting one of the “Workout Rooms” (special suites that come equipped with free weights and a cardio machine in each), the amazing front desk clerk said, “but of course! We have one with two double beds and a treadmill, or one with a king and an elliptical.” I opted for the king/elliptical, not really caring which cardio I got since Rachel won’t let me do cardio this week anyway.

This was really going to make things easy for me, since now with free weights in my room, I could do most of my workout while watching The Bachelor. However, knowing that tonight’s “Base Phase B” workout required access to a cable pulley, after ordering takeout on Seamless Web, I quickly did Rachel’s warmup in my room and then immediately headed down to the gym for access to the cable pulleys.

Despite the fact that my workout was broken up into a lot of small parts (warmup, then head down to the gym to do the cable parts, then back up to my room where I got through the core exercises, then back down to pick up my dinner delivery and eat, and then finally the rest of the workout), I felt like I really did a good one. Because I was working out in my room, I updated my workout spreadsheet as I went, which enabled me to look closely at the weights I had done in the past and be sure to bump it up. Some new noteworthies:
-9 lbs per set (for all three sets) of upper-body core stability Russian twist (up from 5/7.5/7.5 last time)
-15/18/21 lbs per set for the single-leg, single-arm Romanian deadlift (up from 10/12.5/15 last time)
-12 lbs/set (for all three sets) of Bulgarian split squat (up from 10 for each set last time)
-15/18/18 lbs per set for overhead squats (up from 15 each set last time)

Progress across the board! I am so psyched. Though I better not get too used to the Workout Room I have this week – at the rate I’m going, I’m going to max out on the 24 lb dumbbells here and have to go down to the main gym anyway 🙂

In not-so-good news, The Bachelor really wasn’t that great tonight. Just not enough crazies! I’m hoping it gets better as the season goes on, but we’ll see. Anyone else a big Bachelor fan?

But now for me, it’s bedtime. I only got 6 hours of sleep last night, so you know what that means: making it up tonight by getting at least 8! I’m doing well on the resolution front so far 🙂


4 thoughts on “Red Letter Night”

  1. That sounds like a sweet hotel (especially for frequent travelers), and I LOVE The Bachelor, too! Unfortunately I don’t have a TV so I always have to catch it either online or on Hulu. I find that the hilarity still stands even a day (or a week) late. 🙂 I’m saddened to hear there aren’t enough crazies this season! Maybe they will all become crazy as the show goes on…

  2. I travel some for work (at least once a month), but I never really try to stay in the same hotel or take the same airline carrier… I guess I would if I traveled as much as you! Good job with the weights!!

  3. Brad was apologizing all over the place, which was just sad. I wanted him to man up. What did they expect him to do during his first season? Pretend to love one of the ladies? No. He should have been all “I didn’t fall in love then. You can’t manufacture love. Maybe I will find love here.” but, I don’t think he actually went to therapy.

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