September 9, 2010

Turning the day around

Last night was the US Open, and I was going with my coworkers and bringing clients to it as a big event. I had a lot of fun playing hostess: offering drinks and snacks while we were in the limos riding over to the stadium, writing down orders and then playing runner for the concession stand and bar while at the event, etc. The game itself became a bit secondary to entertaining, but since we were watching two games where the outcomes were pretty clear right from the start (Wozniacki vs Cibulkova and Federer vs Soderling), I didn’t mind too much.

However, the part of the night that did kind of suck was how cold it was. Well, I guess it wasn’t cold, per se, but it was super windy, so all of us were freezing in the stands. The concession stands all started putting up homemade signs indicating that they had run out of coffee, hot chocolate, and the like, so hot drinks were out. Instead, I took the ill-advised approach of filling up on hot food (loaded nachos!) and lots of alcohol (cocktails! beer! sangria!). Yeah… and I wonder why I’m not losing weight.
Today I felt horrible all day. Not alcohol-hangover, but food-hangover. Ew! I skipped breakfast, not because I was trying to cut calories but because I honestly felt ill from still being stuffed. To make matters worse, I accidentally dropped my laptop when I was getting set up for work this morning. The laptop was already on, and when I picked it up, it seemed to be working fine (despite the fact that the plastic casing on the removable harddrive had broken off). However, two minutes later, the harddrive started making clicking noises to warn me of impending doom, and then, sure enough, I got the blue screen of death. Bye bye, computer! IT is sending me a new one but it won’t arrive till tomorrow, so I’ve been kind of SOL on the work front all day – my netbook isn’t too effective for rearranging Powerpoints or building complicated Excel models.
So not only was I in a bad mood about my computer, but I was still stuffed to the gills from the Open. I wanted to eat a salad or something for lunch, but I was meeting up with a friend at an Indian buffet, so I didn’t have much choice in that. I left feeling stuffed, but I think it was less that I ate so much and more just that my stomach couldn’t take more food just yet!
Luckily, with that lunch, my day started turning around. I had an absolute blast hanging out and catching up (he was working from home as well), and as soon as I got back to my apartment, I got a call from a coworker I really like and admire to let me know that I was getting pulled off my current projects to start a new one with her. It’s a brand new client for us, and while it’s not an airline (my specialty), it’s a really awesome business that I’m psyched to learn more about. Furthermore, the client is based in Cali, but I can work from home and will probably only end up there for one week at the end of the month. The best part? I get to take on a really strong role, do a lot of client-facing stuff, and really step up my responsibility and demonstrate just how awesome I can be. Yay! I’m so psyched.
With that news (and a pile of work in front of me once I get my computer back… but I’m actually psyched about the work!), I headed off to the gym for a Total Body Workout class. This was my first time at the class, so I didn’t know if it would be lame or good, but it turned out to be a killer workout – I ended up going to exhaustion for a lot of the exercises, and with the legwork, my butt/thighs was actually visibly shaking when we were squatting and simultaneously doing shoulder presses! Woo hoo! I hope I can start making this class on a regular basis.
Finally, got back upstairs to find a text message from Justin that he’s up for a long run Saturday or Sunday. We settled on Sunday – another training run report to come then!

3 thoughts on “Turning the day around”

  1. Ah, long training runs… I miss them!

    I’ve had a similar week-end, of overloading on food/cocktails and feeling it the next morning. Bleh.

    Oh and in regards to the ravioli: it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard either. It was totally doable and not all that time-consuming!

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