April 29, 2010

Up in the Air

So… ready for it? I’m unemployed again. This time, though, it’s by choice, and it’s only for about another hour until I officially fill out the HR paperwork for my new job. I received an offer to go back to consulting that was too hard to refuse (great firm, huge raise/bonus, and really interesting/challenging work), so on Tuesday, I packed my desk at my airline job and said goodbye to my coworkers. I spent Wednesday cleaning up my apartment, shopping at Trader Joe’s (the wine shop was WAY too tempting and my wine cabinet is now fully stocked), and packing. Now, this morning, I’m on a plane again and headed for Chicago. The traveling consultant is back!

My old company had a big department dinner last night where I got to say goodbye to everyone, and while I realized I was breaking all my rules, I got caught up in the expensive and delicious menu and totally overindulged. Soft shell crab appetizer (along with some delicious biscuits from the bread basket), pork chop with braised brussel sprouts and parsley spaetzle, and Baked Alaska, all accompanied by a few glasses of wine and dessert wine. Oops! This is not how I ought to be eating if I’m going to avoid the “consulting 15” this time around.

But this morning at the airport, I attacked breakfast with a renewed purpose. No tasty pastries or breakfast sandwiches for me! I opted for a two pack of hard boiled eggs (one I ate just the white, the other the whole thing) and a container of Chobani blueberry Greek yogurt (only 40 calories more than plain, and totally worth the extra). On the plane, I eschewed the drinks and opted for water. Not even a cup of coffee and milk to get me going! I gave up coffee for Lent and haven’t had a drop of it since, so I’m hoping I can continue to hold out and only have it on really rough mornings. Though I know I’ll have many mornings like today where I need to get up before 5am to catch a 7am flight, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

But I am quite excited about my new job and the possibilities it brings. Get ready for some fun adventures as I go back to struggling to keep the balance between long hours (with takeout and fine dining being my only options for sustenance) and workouts/health. It will be a great ride!


14 thoughts on “Up in the Air”

  1. Sounds like a good move for you – congratualtions! I’m curious though … did you get discounted airfare at your last job? I know you travel A LOT for marathons so, if you’re not getting discounts does that mean fewer races??

  2. Congrats!! My firm is hiring a ton too. I’ve known quite a few people who have received offers to come back – and most of them have taken them.

  3. This is so exciting!!!

    Speaking of jobs – last year I started reading your blog right around the time that you had lost your job, and it really hit home because I just couldn’t FIND one… (well it’s an internship really, which is a requirement). And you had sent me a really sweet email!

    Anyways, I’ve finally found one!! 🙂 I start work on Monday!

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