March 29, 2010

Virginia is for lovers April 17

This weekend, I was supposed to run the Virginia Creeper Marathon on Sunday. I don’t know what it is, but Virginia just seems to be a terribly unlucky state for me… I never get there and never make it to the race (Richmond Marathon non-report still to come)! This week, the issue was just that the flights were too full for my standby-traveling self. With 16 people ahead of me on the standby list (for a sold out plane that only holds 100 people), I decided not to even bother making the trek out to the airport and wasting my day for a 0.1% chance I’d make it. Instead, I was ready to live it up at home.

I promised you all that I would do something athletic this weekend if I didn’t run the marathon… but that mostly just amounted to 20 minutes of weight lifting and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Not quite the feat I meant to achieve! However, I filled my weekend with cleaning, shopping, wining and dining, and brunching… overall, a perfect and relaxing weekend.

But now I still need to make up Virginia in order to finish by June 6 in Minneapolis… which means I’m going to have to do a double. The only weekend that really works for me is April 17, as a double with Boston on a Monday. However, there are two Virginia marathons to choose from on that day:

1. Charlottesville Marathon. 26.2 miles on a hilly but beautiful course, and rated by Runner’s World as one of the best marathons in the country. If I did this one, I’d probably run it pretty easy and then try for a PR at Boston on Monday (yes, I know it’s a hilly course, but I do great with crowds so that may make the difference).
2. Happy Pace 24 Hour Ultra. Um, it’s 24 hours! Craziness, though I had a blast at the (much shorter) 6 hour ultra I did. For this one, I’d aim to cover at least 52.4 miles and let that be the bad ass part of my Boston… that I did a double marathon two days prior.

Anyone, thoughts?

P.S. Shame on me for not working out more this weekend. Be sure to include that in your comments so I can hopefully feel bad and learn from it.


18 thoughts on “Virginia is for lovers April 17”

  1. I vote Charlottesville and go for the PR in Boston! I was just looking at reviews for Charlottesville and it looks AMAZING. Plus, the crowds will be awesome in Boston and I totally think they could fuel you to a best time. I readjusted my race schedule to be more rested for Boston!

    your weekend sounds like mine…I had ambitious plans to get in some endurance workouts and ended up with a lousy 5 mile jog and lots and lots of wining, dining, sleeping and wining, dining, sleeping.

  2. Do Charlottesville! It’s an awesome town and I’ve heard great things about the race. One of these years I plan to do the half down there, followed by the half in Leesburg.

    Good luck in Boston!

  3. I am running the Charlottesville Marathon, I live there too. You are welcome to stay at my apt, and I will have delicious coffee brewing in the morning. I have never run this marathon and I have only lived there for 6 months. I already have VA done for my 50 states, so this will just be a bonus run.

  4. I hear Charlottesville is awesome. And wouldn’t you kind of have to do it to count for 50 states? I know you probably know better than me, but I always thought it had to be a certified marathon to count for each state.

  5. Oh gosh, I can’t imagine doing a double so it’s hard to recommend something, but if it were me, I’d choose Charlottesville.

  6. I’ve actually run the Charlottesville half-marathon. The course is very pretty. The half was an out and back but I don’t know about the full. It was extremely picturesque. The town of Charlottesville is really cute and there is this really good frozen yogurt place called Arch’s. Definitely go there if you do it.

    There is like no crowd support for the race though. I don’t think that matters to you, but just so you know.

  7. Before I chastise you about the weekend…. What kind of wine did you have? If it was good I’ll let it slide.

    24 hrs is nuts. Go for the normal marathon

  8. As awesome as the 24-hr race sounds (Hahaha), I vote that you run easy in beautiful Charlottesville and kick booty in Boston.
    Food, wine, and sleep sound like a perfect weekend to me!

  9. I ran Charlottesville a few years ago before they changed the course and it was a great race but HARD. The hills are ridiculous and there were about ten miles when I was out there all by myself. The course support wasn’t very good but that may have changed. I definitely recommend Charlottesville as a fun race in a beautiful city but I wish someone had prepared me for the quiet, hilly course.

  10. Umm… PLEASE do not run an ultra before Boston! You’re the only person who would run Boston as a SECOND MARATHON of the weekend!!! Hahah… well. As long as you make it to Boston, do whichever makes you happy in VA. Also, email me at laurenpt AT gmail DOT com if you want to try a blogger meet-up! I’m meeting with Redhead Running Sunday after our BAA 5K.

  11. I am pretty sure you want to enjoy Boston. A 24 hour anything would make the next few days pretty foggy. I doubt that you would be able to take in the fever of Boston as much as I know you could. The Charlottesville race sounds really nice.

  12. Rebecca – thank you so much for the kind offer! I may drop you an e-mail to take you up on that πŸ™‚

    Melanie – ultramarathons count (including timed races like 6 hours or 24 hours), as long as there is someone who records the distance you ran and that it was definitely over 26.2 miles. The full list of criteria is here.

    Adam – I drank a Monica and a Cannonau (both Italian reds). I had never tried either before, but I actually ended up having a Cannonau again last night at a different bar because I liked it so much.

    Lauren – I’ll definitely e-mail you about meeting up on Sunday before Boston.

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