March 10, 2010

The Marathoning Cow

Last night I had another book club, but this was a special one: it was my month to choose the book and venue, make up the questions, and host. I chose a lighter book than this group typically reads, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It’s a really wonderful read, all about women in Jackson, MS in the 1960s and how they deal with the changing world. The focus of the story is on the disparity between the upperclass women and “the help,” and the strange relationships between the two. Highly recommended!

For the restaurant, I picked Delta Grill, a southern/soul food restaurant in Midtown West. When I got there, I opted for a happy hour special ($4 frozen margarita), and then enjoyed a Blue Point Blueberry Beer with my meal. The drinks weren’t too bad; it was the meal where I overindulged. First, I overate the delicious cornbread and jalapeno bread – 1.5 muffins of the former, 1 big hunk of the latter. I ordered the shrimp etoufee as my entree, not realizing it would be just a few shrimps, a lot of sauce, and a huge pile of (white) rice that I had to use to eat the sauce – not the healthiest choice (though perhaps a bit better than the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese that some people ordered).

I also ordered a side of hush puppies, which I assumed I could get other people to share – no such luck. There were a ton, and I ended up eating most of them myself (partly because they were delicious, and partly because I didn’t want them to go to waste). I left the restaurant completely stuffed, and decided to walk the mile home because it was a gorgeous night and I could use a little extra calorie burn (though I realize that 60 or so calories is basically nothing compared to the binge I had just went on).

Upon arriving home, I knew I should work out, but I was pretty tipsy and very exhausted and just not really feeling it… so instead I cozied up in bed (I love my new comforter!) to watch the trainwreck that was The Bachelor: Jason and Molly’s Wedding. I thought it was hilarious that ABC wouldn’t allow the wedding planner to have a backup plan in case of rain. Who cares if it’s someone’s wedding; they need drama for ratings! I fell asleep soon after.

This morning, I planned to get up and go for a run (especially since yesterday morning was such a gorgeous day), but overslept and didn’t have time to do anything active. Ugh, I just felt so heavy! While the good news is that in February I discovered I’ve lost 20 pounds since the year before, the bad news is that in the week or two, I’ve gained back 5 of those pounds. This cannot continue! No more gorging myself at events… I’m starting to go out too many weeknights to just indulge whenever I want. AND I need to start working out. My spring marathon season is here, but I think it’s going to take more than just one long run a week to keep me in shape. I really need to stop being such a sloth on weekdays. I just feel so gross and bloated and weighted down right now! Just call me “The Marathoning Cow.”

Tonight I’m meeting up with friends for dinner and a goodbye party – my friend Sarah is moving to London in two weeks 🙁 However, I got to pick the restaurant, so I chose Poco. Their Wednesday night special: all-you-can-eat steamed mussels and all-you-can-drink wine, for the dirt cheap price of $25. I love mussels (and they’re healthy!), and I love wine (okay, maybe not so much on the healthy side, particularly when the quantity is all-you-can-drink). But this is my kind of deal!

Now let’s see if I can make it up tomorrow morning with time to work out…


17 thoughts on “The Marathoning Cow”

  1. Ooo I have been wanting to read that book! I should be getting my NYC library card soon (applied to get it in the mail!) and that book is on the top of my list!

    That restaurant sounds good! I love Blue Point beers in general; have you tried the Toasted Lager?

    PS I will email you about meeting up for a run sometime soon; I haven’t ventured back outside since December and am just starting to do some treadmill intervals and testing out my knee! I live in Midtown East and could prob meet up in Central Park on weekdays at 6:15 for 3-4 miles! I average about a 10 min mile pace outdoors!

  2. I am torn about the national half. I know people running the full, and a good friend of mine is running a training group for the half. I REALLY want to do it, but I am not sure if I can prepare myself mentally of physically for the run next weekend. I worry that if I do it, and its a HUGE fail, I will be super discourage about my future races and not want to continue training.

    Are you doing the half or the full? I can come down and cheer you on, if I decide not to do it.

    Have you thought (or have you done) about the Marine Corp Marathon in October? I am thinking I would like that to be my first full marathon.

  3. Haha… you are SO FAR from a marathoning cow, silly! I totally get your mindset, although I think it’s healthier than mine was. All through college and then for about a year afterward, my workouts were directly related to counteracting my eating. It took awhile, but I learned what triggered those boughts of overindulgence, and also how much working out my body really needs to stay healthy… it’s such a hard thing to balance! (I LOVE FOOD. ALSO I AM VERY HUNGRY RIGHT NOW.)

  4. MMMM Soul food action! Great book recommendation, I think I’ll check that out!

    You def look fantastic and those 5 will melt right off with your conviction and dedication!

    All you can drink wine? Really? Why don’t I live in NYC?



  5. Aww, you are so not a cow! But, I do know what you mean. You’ll feel great in just a matter of time, sometimes you do have to give yourself a little break and let yourself indulge, if only for your mental sanity.

  6. Lol you are not a cow!!! Congrats on the weight loss! 20lbs. Dang that’s a lot. I’m sure you’ll have those extra five gone in no time!

  7. I just picked this book for my book club in January! It was totally a fun read. Your grub sounds delicious. Don’t fret too much, you’re marathoning on a weekly basis! Although I do the same thing…midweek drink sessions get me all the time.

    Let me know your plans for national! I am pacing a friend who is doing her first marathon but live in DC and would love to meet up!

  8. I’m listening to The Help now because I have no time to read [gah!] The narrator’s southern accent throws me off a bit so I’ll probably end up getting the book. Nothing beats reading.

    As for getting out of the doldrums, girl, I’m in the same boat. Food is my kryptonite, especially CAKE! I’ve definitely got to get my act together for racing season! Good luck chica!

  9. I heard that “The Help” is really good. Right now I am reading “The Pillars of the Earth,” which is really long, but amazing so far!

    About your comment on my blog…I have a doctor’s appointment next Wednesday, but I could go any other morning next week. When are you free?

  10. Let me check with my husband to make sure we do not have plans next Sunday–and if all is clear, I will let you know and we can connect after you get the marathon done! What pace group are you pacing?

  11. So hard on yourself….

    I love $4 drinks (no matter what they are) and i LOVE LOVE all you can drink wine! Wait, i’m starting to see a pattern with things that I love…

  12. This may be a silly question, but I’ve never heard of hush puppies… what are they?? :S

    Congrats on losing 20 lbs, that’s amazing! I’m in the same boat as you though – all those social events are starting to pack on the lbs! It used to be that I wouldn’t eat/drink out all that much so when I did I would indulge and that’s sort of my mentality, but now that it’s happening a lot, I think I have to limit the indulging to when there’s something REALLY good that I’m craving.

    I’ll check out that book, it looks good!

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