March 17, 2010

A sign that I should get to the gym more often

This morning, I planned to go for a 4-5 mile run to see how my knee was doing and decide if I was able to run the National Marathon this weekend. However, I overslept and ended up with only enough time to do a quick 10 minute workout. Though it was a beautiful day, I decided that I wasn’t going to run outside for just one mile. Instead, I’d (finally) take advantage of my gym membership and hit the treadmill. It had been weeks (months even maybe?) since I had last gone, and it was time to start getting my money’s worth out of the exorbitant membership fee.

I headed downstairs, putting my music and headphones on in the elevator on the way down (psh, you thought when I said “downstairs” I meant actually down a set of stairs?). When I got to the gym, I set my Droid on the shelf on the display of the treadmill, turned the treadmill on for a one minute walk, and then picked up the pace to an 8:45 mile. It felt pretty good, and my knee was surprisingly not in pain.

But just when I really started getting into it, I moved my arm in an unexpected swing, and it caught the headphone cord on my Droid. The Droid went flying off backwards, and my first instinct was to reach back to try to save it as it flew by. Unfortunately, in doing so, I forgot that I was still on the treadmill. My feet stopped moving, and I fell down… still on the treadmill belt. Which meant that it kept moving and I flew off backwards and landed on the floor, in a heap with my Droid and headphones.

With the whole gym staring at me, I was mortified. One woman shouted from the other side, “Honey, are you okay?!” All I wanted to do was explain: “I’m a real runner, I swear! I run marathons and everything! This isn’t my first time putting one foot in front of the other!”

But instead I just collected my things and got back on the treadmill… for my last two minutes. Because when you fall on your butt from treadmill misuse, nothing says “I’m a serious runner” like coming to the gym for the first time in several months to run just one mile and then leaving.

I wonder if I can still wear my marathon shirts when I work out, or if that will just make me look even more like a fake?


19 thoughts on “A sign that I should get to the gym more often”

  1. I worry about falling on the treadmill a lot; I’m constantly drifting to one side or the other and running into the guardrail. one time I did trip and hit my face on the console, if that’s any consolation…you’re a marathon machine, you don’t need no stinkin’ treadmill to look good!

  2. I had a treadmill at home for a couple of years. I would position it so that it was perpendicular to the couch and I could then watch TV.

    I was finishing up when I meant to turn the speed all of the way down. I accidentally turned it up. I launched myself on to the couch before it was too fast for me to do anything.

    Unfortunately, my foot fell between the belt and the couch and the top layer of skin came off. I watched it, going around and around on that treadmill.

    Also, a friend of mine was walking behind the treadmills at a gym (this was years and years ago, before they designed the gyms so that the sockets were in the floor), and she tripped over the power cord. The guy running on that treadmill fell hard.

    They’re dangerous, I tell you!!

    Glad that you are okay, though!

  3. lol…sorry to laugh, that sounds dreadful! I’m actually a treadmill virgin, and I’m terrified of that happening to me!! You didn’t do anything worse to your knee when you fell, right?

  4. oh no! it is embarasing but dont worry about it.
    one time, i was on the treadmill and my earbuds came out- then wrapped around my legs like a lasso. yeah. it didnt end well. i felt like a runaway steer that got roped in.

  5. I did almost the same thing once!! For the record, I’ve fallen off a treadmill 3 times, but that particular time was the worst. I was messing with my iPod, actually, and I got caught in the headphone cord, and started to drop it. Went to catch it, and I went FLINGING off the back. Ouch. Luckily, I didn’t break the [brand new] iPod. I did do some treadmill damage, which wouldn’t suck if it were a gym, but I have my own treadmill and this was in my basement. But, at least no one saw me, I guess.

    The treadmill is better now and I always run with the safety clip attached these days.

  6. I am glad you weren’t hurt; treadmills always scared me for the longest time–I run on them now, but I feel like I run weird because i am afraid to fall off! Did you know that treadmills are responsible for more gym related injuries than any other type of equipment, including weights?? And they said excercise is good for your health!

  7. Yikes! I don’t think I would be able to get back on with people watching me. My husband has fallen off the treadmill before (because he just doesn’t pay attention to wear he is stepping), but it’s in a clubhouse where he’s the only person there.
    Glad you aren’t hurt from it! 🙂

  8. Falling off the treadmill means you’re hardcore. You have battle wounds!

    I’ve never fallen off, but I’ve choked on my water and ended up spitting it all over my shirt. That was fun.

  9. I’ve DONE THAT. I tripped over my own feet, fell, and was dragged backwards and landed in a crumpled heap. Also, I was in the front row of machines facing a full wall mirror, which means everyone saw it happen. And NO ONE ASKED IF I WAS OK.

    Worst. Hope the knee is healing ok. It sucks, but are you thinking you’ll hold of on the marathon this weekend?

  10. We’ve all been there! On one bad episode, my towel fell onto the treadmill, I ran on top of it, then I became airborne. Thanks for sharing!

  11. OH! I have a totally random question for you. I’m currently planning a major fundraising event for work ( and and I’m trying to find some major prizes for our gift raffle. I know that you work for an airline company, and was wondering if you knew someone I could contact about requesting a donation for 2 airline tickets out of Boston Logan… no worries if not, just thought it would be a cool idea!

  12. OMG. That is soooo shitty. Good job getting back on there though. Of course, to “show” everyone that I was a real runner I would have either stayed on there for 3 hours or tried to crank out as many 6 min miles as I could 🙂

  13. Oh no!!! That’s awful, and sort of funny at the same time!! Gotta love stories like that 🙂

    I do my long runs on the treadmill during the winter and usually will watch a movie at the same time. I was watching The Box and something scary happened and I literally JUMPED super high. THankfully, I managed to land back on but it could’ve been a disaster 😛

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