February 24, 2010

What to reveal, what to reveal…

Wow! Thank you all for the amazing outpouring of support. I was particularly surprised to learn that I was in good company: a lot of people who started blogging at the same time as me came out of the woodwork.

In particular, I discovered that Jess from Pieces of Me had gone AWOL for months… and made her return just three days before I did. After posting a comment on her blog about it, she replied with, “Ahhh, the big question, what to reveal… what to reveal…”

That is EXACTLY how I feel. I’m unsure how much of my personal life I want to/feel comfortable posting… but I will at least promise to keep you updated on my racing, and hopefully as I get back into blogging, I’ll start opening up about all the other stuff going on too.

On that front, this is my last weekend off from marathoning before the spring push starts, and I’m desperate to get away and go to the Caribbean or somewhere beachy… but I have checked almost every single destination I can think of and it’s all either rainy or under 70 degrees. What the heck? Guess I’ll have to “vacation” in Little Rock, Arkansas in two weeks instead.

Little Rock will be the 50 State Club Reunion Marathon, and and I’m excited to see everyone and share my good news – just 12 marathons to go and I break the record! I’m really excited, and starting to consider plans for some kind of big, dramatic final countdown. While I work on that, I’d encourage you to go check out my list of upcoming races and let me know if I’m coming to your area! I’d particularly love to see people at the Vermont City Marathon (the one that started it all, two years ago! I’ll be pacing again this year) and the Minneapolis Marathon (the one that will end it all, just one week later!). For my fellow NYC running bloggers, I’m also going to host some kind of blowout bash at home after I finish… you will all be invited.

Speaking of NYC, my NYC Marathon Race Report Part 1 is up. I had this written since the night after the race, but never got part 2 fully together so that was my stalling point. Hopefully I’ll do better this time around.


17 thoughts on “What to reveal, what to reveal…”

  1. i am glad you are back 🙂 i missed your posts!! cant wait to see you break that record too. then can you re-do all the states so you can come back to cali?? 😉

  2. How exciting that you are so close to finishing your goal!

    BTW, they did have chili after that race. I can’t believe I didn’t include that tidbit in my race report; I include every other detail. When I first finished running, the last thing I wanted was chili, but once I cooled down it was YUMMY.

  3. hi Laura –too bad you didn’t meet us for the albany marathon and trip to brewing company!! I know that you can live without the race, even if it is in your hometown..glad your blog is up–i took a break from mine too.

  4. Whatesome goal…and you gradually reveal things about yourself…I know I have…especially since I learned my parents read my blog to find out what I am up to……that was pretty funny…they do live 2000km away from me……blogs are fun….

  5. Does the minneapolis marathon know you’re finishing with them? I hope you don’t mind, but I just emailed them. They should do something special for you.

    Oh, and all you have to write about is your running and quest. And that your doing well.

  6. Wow, you’re back! Welcome!
    Didn’t know you were back at it so I’m glad you came to comment! Congrats on being so close to breaking the record…I still remember our meeting in SFM. So weird that we live in the city and yet the only time we met was way on the opposite side of the country! Haha!

    12 more to go? Awesome!

  7. I can not believe you only have 12 left. That is just amazing! Does it get any less exciting?

    BTW, Puerto Rico was 90 and sunny all but one day we were there. I highly recommend that trip to anyone! Beautiful place!

  8. You know, to be honest I think most people here to share in whatever experiences you are willing to share – good or bad. I think that you could reveal a lot and people would be fine – or reveal nothing and people would be fine too. Just so long as you finish your NYC post 🙂

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