October 31, 2009

Night Before the Race: NYC Marathon

It’s the day before the NYC Marathon – yay!!
It’s also Halloween – yay!!

Uh oh. Problem.

I realized this pretty far in advance, and while I know the NYC Marathon is always the first Sunday in November, I was bummed that fate conspired so that the year I was running it was the one in seven that Halloween is the night before. How much does that suck?

Those who don’t know me would think that this schedule would necessitate giving up on the Halloween drinking and carousing. But you, my dear readers, know better. When do I ever give up the chance to dress in a skimpy outfit and run around drinking my face off? Never. And so the Halloween plan was born.

With Halloween being on a Saturday (and therefore with people not having to work during the day), I heard about various pub crawls going on. You might think a pub crawl would be exactly the wrong idea, as it would require traipsing around the city, but I heard “afternoon pub crawl” and thought, “yay, an opportunity to get everyone to shift their drinking up from late night so I can get to bed early!” The plan, therefore, became this:

1. Spend the morning getting myself together, laying out my Halloween and marathon outfits side-by-side.
2. Spend the afternoon pregaming at my apartment and hitting the bars, while my mom traveled down from Albany to be in Manhattan by nightfall. Be sure to drink primarily beer (carbs!) and not liquor or wine (fewer carbs! Hangover!). Try to stay sober enough to be able to…
3. Meet up with my mom at a predetermined restaurant with my friends (having warned her in advance that we’d all be pretty darn drunk). “Predetermined” would take away the chances of me just getting greasy pizza or fried food, and would be some sort of pasta place where I couldn’t go wrong with my pre-marathon food choices, despite the level of drunkenness.
4. If everyone else is not ready to go home after dinner, go home with my mom, knowing that they’ll all be too drunk to enjoy themselves in the second half of the festivities anyway.
5. Pass out by 10 PM in order to wake up at 5:30 AM for the race. Drunk sleep? Maybe, but hopefully quantity will make up for quality.

We’ll see how it goes!


25 thoughts on “Night Before the Race: NYC Marathon”

  1. Totally different plan than what I had. Also–I had no idea you were running NYCM too!! Wondering how your report will read like compared to all the others.

  2. LOL. I home this is going to be as awesome of a report as it should be.

    Nice work having your priorities straight. Halloween is my fav holiday!

  3. This is INSANE. I can’t wait to read your race re-cap. PS- I love wine and think its important to have at least one glass the night before a race. Congrats on all of your marathon finishes. You are amazing

  4. I’ve stopped by a few times to see if you’ve posted. I hope everything is well with you and I miss reading all your race reports!

  5. so what’s up? Good or bad you owe it to your readers to let us know how you’re doing. Hopefully, you are just so busy with the new job that you can’t blog. But, like me some readers might be really concerned. Injury, job loss and death come to mind. Please let us know what’s up.

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