September 3, 2009

Boston, here I come!

Yesterday, we got our company’s internal communications daily newsletter, and I read through it as usual, but saw nothing of note. A few hours later, I started getting IMs from coworkers, asking me if I was “all over the marathon contest.” Um, what marathon contest? Turned out that the story broke right after the newsletter came out, so it was featured in today’s newsletter even though it went up on the website yesterday.

“Calling all runners! Over the next few months we’ll be sponsoring some of the biggest marathons and road races in America. Enter today for your chance to win entry into one of these signature races!”

Scrolling down, there is a list of marathons as well as how many entries are available for each. Unfortunately, there’s only one race in a state that I haven’t done yet… but it’s Boston. I’ve long been against buying my way into Boston with a charity entry, but somehow, I’m not against getting an entry through my company’s sponsorship. Does that even make sense? Regardless, I entered, despite the fact that there are only two entries and I’m sure hundreds of employees will apply.

Then last night I went to a company event and happened to be chatting with two women from marketing. We got to talking about my running, and one of them pointed out the contest and said I should enter. We continued talking, and I revealed my goal to be the youngest woman to run a marathon in each of the fifty states, and they thought it was so cool… and said to forget about the contest and that they’d get me another entry to Boston! SWEET!

So for all you speedsters out there… see you on April 19th. I’ll be the one who’s running dressed like an airplane or something to get some publicity in exchange for my comped entry 🙂

And someday, when I stop focusing on checking the states off and have time to train (ha) and race less frequently, I’ll still qualify for Boston the old-fashioned way. Even if it takes me till I’m 80, I will do it.


12 thoughts on “Boston, here I come!”

  1. YIPPEE!!! Boston is a blast. I’ll be there as a fan to cheer Hubby on…you’ll have to let us know which wave you start in so I can cheer you, too.

  2. NICE. I will admit that I am a bit (read: a lot) jealous.

    Side note, check this out if you haven’t already seen it. I think you and BF will get a kick out of it:

    I laughed 🙂

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