June 17, 2009

I already did random subway fainting… how about a little marathon-induced blackout?

I’m mostly done with my Hatfield race report (the actual race report, not the night before); however, they’re being very slow to upload the results, so I’m waiting to get those before I declare my ultimate verdict of the race. Note to the race director: the further you move me up in the rankings, the better the review you get 🙂

I was trying to be all cagey about how I did, leaving you with a little to-be-continued, but the tardiness of the results is going to force me to tip my hand: I don’t want to leave you hanging in the dark that long. The short version of the race report is that it was probably the second toughest marathon course I’ve done (Seafair being the toughest), due to the humidity and hills; however, I came in with one of my top three fastest times. I’m telling you, I do well when faced with a challenge! Though I didn’t PR this race, I did get my 2009 PR (not saying much when you consider that I’ve only run six marathons so far this year), which leads me to believe that in order to get my all-time PR I’m going to need to do something crazy like run the Pike’s Peak Marathon (26.2 miles heading straight up the mountain). Or the Kilimanjaro Marathon, you know, whatever…

It was with these thoughts in mind that I signed up for my next race: Running with the Devil. It’s a marathon just outside of Las Vegas, and held specifically under the worst possible conditions. You know how most race organizers like to advertise their course as “flat and fast” (ha, yeah right)? This one specifies right on its website: “Held in summer in the middle of the day thru the dry Mojave Desert, athletes will be challenged to contend with extreme heat and unrelenting rolling hills as they traverse this spectacularly scenic course.” Sounds appealing, huh? Even more appealing is when you read prior years’ race reports and find that runners are weighed in before and after the race to make sure they’re not going to drop dead from dehydration, end up hooked up to IVs after the course, and arrive at the finish fainting and, I quote, “puking [their] guts out.” Lovely!

I’ve pointed out to my mom that she shouldn’t worry; after all, they were running the 50 mile ultra while I’ll “just” be running the marathon. But really, it’s still going to be pretty tough. Am I up for the challenge? We’ll see. Goal is to be back in Vegas that night, puking my guts out not because of dehydration/heat stroke, but because of all the victory drinks I’m going to have at the casino. Cheers!


12 thoughts on “I already did random subway fainting… how about a little marathon-induced blackout?”

  1. I’ve read on other blogs that the Hatfield marathon was a really intense course! Can’t wait to read your race report!

    That marathon you signed up for in Vegas sounds GRUELING! How will you train for that? Are you going to just start doing runs on the hottest days!

    You seriously never cease to amaze me with your running!!

  2. Congrats on the great race – can’t wait to read all about it!

    The Mohave desert is beautiful. Being immersed in it for a race should be truely amazing. Minus the gut puking.

  3. I think it’s amazing that you’ve run six marathons this year! Though I’m sure you’re judging yourself against other marathoners, that alone is a great accomplishment, not to mention an inspiration for others (me!) who have yet to run a marathon. Great job! And thanks for the entertaining posts:)

  4. Be careful with that Vegas race…I love marathons, but they’re certainly not worth putting your overall health at risk!

    Six marathon already! Damn girl!

  5. Dang girl! Knowing you, you’ll probably show up to RWTD and not only PR, but qualify for Boston too! You are amazing, and I LOVE reading about your crazy journeys! Speaking of which, I can’t wait to read your Hatfield race report!

  6. Good luck on the Running with the Devil race. I live in Las Vegas and did the Running from an Angel (the same course, but held in January) this year and the “rolling hills” are “relentless”. But if the weather we’ve been having holds… it will be MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler than typical Vegas weather.

  7. You’re amazing! First, I love it that you can say you’ve “only” run six marathons this year. Second, that marathon you just signed up for sounds like my nightmare come to life, yet you view it as a good challenge. I really admire that. (Though I may think you are a wee bit nutty for paying to put yourself through torture like that!)

  8. Just read through the race reports on the RWTD page and it sounds awesome and crazy at the same time! I am so excited for you! I can’t wait for your report! It sounds like one of the races that reminds us of how awesome the running community and sport can be!
    Have a great weekend!

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