April 22, 2009

Weekend woes

The Country Music Marathon this weekend will be my first time flying non-rev (meaning non-revenue meaning it’s free to standby because I work for the airline). Unfortunately, we don’t fly to Nashville, so Boyfriend and I are taking a late afternoon flight to Richmond, and then we bought cheap tickets ($100) on another airline to go from Richmond to Nashville. I checked out the load factors (meaning what % of seats are full) for the Friday afternoon flight to Richmond going back over a year, and we sold out the plane only once, most of the time having only about 70-85% of the plane full. So I thought I was safe.

But of course, OF COURSE, the one week I want to get on that flight… it’s almost full. There are currently less than ten seats remaining on the plane, and with the flight not being till Friday, we’re bound to sell some of those last minute. As an airline employee, I can fly in the jumpseat (as long as someone from the in-flight crew isn’t trying to get on the flight, because even though we’re all equal when it comes to regular seats, in-flight gets priority for the jumpseat). However, Boyfriend is not allowed to fly jumpseat; there needs to be a regular seat open for him.

Hopefully there will be at least one cancellation. In the past there always has been, but also, in the past, this plane never goes out full. If not, I don’t really have a backup plan. Yikes. You can bet that I will be checking the manifest constantly.


16 thoughts on “Weekend woes”

  1. If you are flying out of your airline’s hub, there are almost always missed connections, leaving several sold seats open. (This from a seasoned non-rever). Welcome to the world of uncertainty while traveling.

  2. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. My roommate’s ex-roommate worked for Delta, so that got her a lot of chances to fly for free places.

    Every time she did was followed by some horror story about getting bumped a million times. Good luck.

  3. Good luck with the flights! My sister works for an airline and we used to fly to Europe frequently on standby tickets, until about 10 years ago when my sister, father and I couldn’t get on the flight out of Copenhagen, and had to stay over, one night for my sister and me and two nights for my dad! We flew back in crew seats, which meant that we got to be in the nice crew rest cabin for part of the flight… then when they had to take their mandatory rest periods, we had to sit on a jumpseat and a milk crate. There is nothing that can take away from the hell of sitting on a milk crate for several hours of a transatlantic flight. Now I buy my tickets and my sister only flies when it’s necessary for work. 🙂

  4. I just found out that I don’t get into Nashville until 5:30 Friday and have to be at the expo and registered by 7:00 PM. I’m a little worried…praying for no flight delay.I’ll ask for cancellations on flights from here to Richmond too.

  5. If you guys can find a flight into one of the OH airports and it’s easier for you let me know… we’re bringing a group down around 11:30 and around 5:30. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that point though… Good Luck!!!

  6. Randomly came across your blog while searching for nyc running blogs. Great posts! I’m a fairly new runner living in NYC looking for inspiration where I can get it. Thanks for sharing about this race!

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