April 8, 2009

Hey, at least I ran!

I’m absolutely loving my new job, and the schedule is ridiculously easy. While I’m training, it’s about 9:30-5, but once I actually start working my markets, it’s basically any 9 hours a day as long as the majority of them are during normal business hours. Most of my team opts to come in anywhere from 9:30 to noon, depending on when they feel like waking up that day. How great is that?!

However, regardless of how easy my hours are, I’m still feeling pretty tired. Yesterday I was talking to my mom on the phone while walking home from the subway, and I could not stop yawning for anything. I haven’t been getting a ton of sleep lately, it’s true, but it’s not like sitting at a desk all day is that tiring. I debated skipping my 2 hour elliptical stint (if I was falling asleep at 6 PM, how in the world would I stay up till 10?), but realized that I would probably stay up to watch it anyway, so I might as well work out during.

At 7:50, I packed up my iPod and a book (Accidentally On Purpose, by Mary Pols, which came highly recommended to me by a friend; I thought it was just okay), and headed down to the gym. It turned out to be one of the best episodes of The Biggest Loser that I had seen in a while! It was really interesting to see how the contestants reacted to the temptation they were given – my own thought was that if you just didn’t eat anything, you could guarantee that you would stay above the line. This sentiment was later voiced by Kristen, and Jillian said the same thing, so I was pleased to do the “right” thing. I’ve been eating pretty healthy lately and am getting happy with my body, which is a big change for me, so the little bit of validation I got from making the “right” choice was great.

Unfortunately, my workout was not so great. I finished the book within the first hour of the show (I was reading it on commercials, and I was almost down with it when I brought it to the gym), and while I usually don’t bring a book with me, I found that I had gotten used to having it on commercials and didn’t want to stay at the gym and have nothing to do on the breaks! I opted to only stay for 75 minutes (about 7 miles), and then head upstairs to cook dinner and watch the rest of the show on my DVR without the commercials. I reasoned that it was still a pretty good workout, and I was going running the next morning anyway.

Too bad that didn’t quite happen either! I slept longer than I intended to, and while I did put my running clothes on and head outside, it was so freezing cold out that I did not feel at all like running around Central Park; instead, I just took a slightly longer version of my normal walk home from Boyfriend’s, doing about 1.2 miles. Pathetic I know, but on the good side, I was doing about an 8 minute pace! Regardless of how short a run it was, I’m still glad I made it out there – every little bit counts.

Hopefully I can get myself back on track and get a long run in at some point this week though! I may be canceling my Saturday morning hiking plans due to Boyfriend’s work schedule, so if that turns out to be the case, I can do it then. Let’s hope for another sunny, breezy, perfect day!


11 thoughts on “Hey, at least I ran!”

  1. I agree, every little bit counts!!! That’s how I reasoned my pathetic run yesterday, which most likely gave me a cold (running in the snow with fall gear on = very bad idea).

    YEsterday’s episode was definitely something…Ron is SO getting on my nerves…Am I the only one??

  2. I was feeling bad that what I intended to be a long run yesterday was not-so-long…and then I read the new RW tonight and was re-inspired by the tip to “shrug off bad days, get back on teh program, and you’ll still achiever your goals…” So yes, every bit counts! At least you got out there!

  3. That is fantastic about your job. I had to switch to the elliptical this week for a long ‘run’ and it gave me a new level of respect for you that you can do that every week. I find it hard to read on the elliptical though, I kept feeling like I would fall over! HA!

  4. Hooray for your new job!! I am super envious of your flexible schedule! 🙂

    And also, I agree with everybody else . . . at least you got out there! Yay for getting back into running 🙂

  5. I agree with everybody else, something is better than nothing!

    Love those hours… I pretty much set my own hours, too. I like getting there as early as I can so I can head out earlier. Plus, I can get a lot of work done in the morning before all of the meetings start.

  6. Okay, I’m kind of late to the commenting game here, but I *had* to put my two cents in about biggest loser, mainly because I couldn’t agree with you more! I was especially appalled by Tara eating 4,600 calories or whatever ridiculous number of calories she ingested! Kristen wins points for being the smart cookie during that temptation.

    And I am definitely a subscriber to the “at least I ran” philosophy. This gets me through a number of borderline crummy runs!

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