December 11, 2008

Oh happy day

Work sucked last night but it is time to put on my happy face. And I currently have good reason to do so – work is done and I am FREE for the night! At 6:30 PM! How unbelievable.

I don’t even know what to do with myself. Should I cook? Should I go to the gym (I have not worked out one stitch since the Atlanta Marathon on Thanksgiving… oops!)? Should I go to a bar and get wasted? Should I just go to bed? The possibilities are endless.

However, the most exciting thing: tomorrow I go to HAWAII! No matter what else I do tonight, one part of my plans is digging through my drawers to pull out my summer skirts and sundresses, my bikinis and my tank tops, and several pairs of sunglasses. Oh yes, and some racing clothes for the Honolulu Marathon on Sunday.

Another part of my plans for tonight is planning my trip. I know where I’m staying (thank you, consulting clients, for giving me points to make my hotel stay free, and thank you, Starwood, for upgrading me to a suite to make the occasion super nice for Boyfriend and I!), but I have no idea what I’m doing yet other than the marathon. I’m thinking it would be nice to get a massage after the race – I’ve always wanted to get a long massage right after, and Boyfriend and I have been wanting to get a couples’ massage, so this is a good chance to do both. I’ve also been told that climbing Diamond Head is fun, so I’m thinking we could do that on Monday to help recover from the marathon. Horseback riding up in the wild North Shore sounds like a lot of fun, and of course I want to get in all the beach time I can take! (No repeats of Charleston though – I am going to be fully sunscreened so I tan and don’t burn). Somewhere in all there I’ll get to meet Frayed Laces and Single in San Diego (she’s no longer in San Diego, in case you were confused) – I love blogger meetups! If anyone else is in town, for the race or otherwise, please let me know.

What else makes me excited besides Hawaii? How about December vacations in general? I’ve taken only two days of vacation since I started with my firm about 18 months ago, and now I have a lot of time that’s about to expire, so I have to take it. Therefore, my schedule for the next few weeks:

12/12-12/17: Vacation (Hawaii)
12/18-12/19: Working
12/20-12/21: Weekend
12/22-12/24: Vacation
12/25-12/26: Firm holidays
12/27-12/28: Weekend
12/29-12/31: Vacation
1/1-1/2: Firm holidays
1/3-1/4: Weekend

Did you catch that in three weeks I’m only going to be working for TWO days? I mean I know that doesn’t count all the time that I’ll be technically on vacation but actually working, but still. STILL! Three weeks where I technically have no responsibilities!!! I suppose I’ll have to think of something productive to do with my time…


26 thoughts on “Oh happy day”

  1. I’m soooo jealous. You’re going to Hawaii! So beautiful out there. Have a blast and I know you’ll do well on your Marathon. Make sure to take tons of pics!

  2. Have an awesome time in Hawaii! That sounds like so much fun! And enjoy your insane amounts of time off. I don’t know how you train with a crazy work schedule like that. You def. deserve the vacation!

  3. have such a great time in Hawaii and good luck in the marathon. My ex was stationed on Oahu for a year, so I was out there alot. Definitely go up to North Shore – we did horseback riding and 4-wheeling is fun too. We also kayaked out to these islands on the north side of the island – so fun. There are some really cute little places on North shore – one especially is a healthy store with this little cafe in the back – order the spring rolls if you find it. I have no clue what its called – sorry! I just wrote a book – have fun!

    oh – get the fish tacos at Dukes – they are incredible. ok really done now!

  4. WoW! that’s amazing. I was excited to have just 10 days at home, ha. *GOOD LUCK* in Hawaii! What a perfect time of year to be jetting off to an Island. Can’t wait to read the race report!

  5. Nice! Have a great time in Hawaii. I love Hawaii! I used to go there every Xmas with my Dad and Grandma. Kick butt at the marathon and send us some pictures of warmth and sunshine!

  6. The view after the Diamond Head climb is worth it. Snorkel @ Hanama (sp?) Bay is amazing, but get there early in the day – like right when the fee booth opens; the beach is packed quickly. You really should do Pearl Harbor; I didn’t think that it would affect me the way that it did. It was amazing and sobering. Definitely do a harbor dinner cruise. The Polynesian Cultural Center is a very interesting way to spend an entire day. We loved North Shore – we did nothing there but watch the sea turtles.

    Honolulu was my first marathon (2002). It was an amazing experience. You’re going to love it. Enjoy the starting line fireworks and the spectators who get up at 5am to cheer the runners at the start!

    The expo was good, but all of the merchandise was on serious sale four days later if you dare to wait.

  7. Pack some rain clothes…we’ve been getting dumped on out here. There’s a great horseback riding place in Kahuku (almost north shore) which is way better than anything on the North Shore. I’ve got the # somewhere I’ll find it and leave another comment.

  8. I heard its going to be cold and snowing in Hawaii. Did you hear about this? It was on Weather Channel this morning. Opps, it was in Canada. Wrong of me ! Sorry for the typos error.
    I am damn jealous !!! Have a GREAT time in Hawaii and tell FL I said Hello !
    By the way, how are you funding for so many trips to do different marathons ??? Did you win some kind of lottery ??

  9. “Technically working but actually on vacation”? That’s working, right? Take your vacation — all of it. You’ve earned it. We Americans work way too hard, and it obviously hasn’t helped us.

    Anyway, hope you have a great run in Hawaii!

  10. Have a BLAST in Hawaii!!! It sounds awesome. Thanks so much for your sweet comments the other day about my injury. It sucks, but I’ve actually been emailing some with Frayed Laces and she has been so helpful and encouraging! She rocks! Good luck with the race. I’m living through other blogger’s racing right now until I can get back on my feet.

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