October 18, 2008

Nobody says they wish they hadn’t run today

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely disgusting, with everything I had eaten the night before coming back to haunt me. Some people wake up on Saturday mornings withn alcohol hangover; I wake up with a food hangover from gorging on delicious free food at work. I put my workout clothes on, determined to work it off, and then jumped back in bed to surf the internet and be lazy. Fortunately for me, our internet is working really crappily lately – it was slow and barely usable. That gave me the motivation I needed to give up and go for a run.

As soon as I got out there, I was thrilled. It’s a beautifully crisp, clear day – a little chilly, but not so cold you see your breath, and I warmed up quickly as I ran. I did what seemed to me an impossibly short 3 mile jaunt: up to Trump Place, down to the river, up to 86th Street, and then back down Riverside Park. I didn’t bring my iPod, and enjoyed running without a cord bobbing alongside me, while just enjoying the lovely day. There were a lot of runners and bikers out, and it was nice to feel a sense of kinship with the others who had gotten themselves out of bed to work out on a Saturday morning.

I wish I were doing Atlantic City tomorrow – my knee didn’t bother me today. I am very tempted to hop on a bus and as Nike says, just do it.


13 thoughts on “Nobody says they wish they hadn’t run today”

  1. Yes! I get simple carb hangovers, especially after “cake” days (birthdays, office parties). Bleah.

    You’re an inspiration, and of course you’re right. Once you’ve done a half mile, it’s all good, and you just keep on going.

  2. I love that quote.

    I had the same morning you did. I eventually got up off my lazy butt and went for a run. It felt great. Now why can’t I remember that feeling the next morning I don’t feel like going for a run? So frustrating.

  3. Laura good for you for running a nice easy 3 miler! This morning i headed out determined to run 6 miles. After 1 mile i knew i wasn’t going to make the six so decided on 5 which i was able to do, but i had to slow down considerably. I was frustrated but you know, now that i think about it, there is always tomorrow!!!

    I am so glad your knee feels better. Stay away from AC tomorrow!!!!

  4. enjoy feeling healthy and getting in great fall runs. bonus points for skipping the ipod. there will always be other races to run. i find the most enjoyable runs often happen when we least expect it. my best rationale for running most days of my life is i always feel better after a run than before it.

  5. I was thinking I commented before, but maybe it didn’t take: totally hate the simple carb hangovers. Worse than the alcohol ones. Good on ya for hitting the sidewalks anyway.

    Thanks for the consulting comment – it’s reassuring!

    My daughter had dropped Cornell from her “list” but then just picked it up again (!). I will give her your email addy…thanks, again!

  6. love the quote as well and tend to apply it to so much in my life (too often NOBODY SAYS THEY WISH THEY HADNT STAYED AT HOME WITH THEIR TODDLER :))

    and Im the QUEEN of Carb Hangovers.

    and the older I get the less I can handle šŸ™‚


  7. I love those runs too…thanks for sharin your’s with us! I can totally relate to the food hangover! I went out with some co-workers after a conference on Friday and someone ordered onion rings and other fried yumminess…bad idea. I felt so bleh afterwards, I decided to get my 12 miler in a day earlier than planned…I felt MUCH better afterwards!

  8. Putting on the running clothes greatly increases the chances that one will get out an run! Works for me most of the time!

    Thanks for reading my Chicago Marathon review ~ I promise to go on strike, if you decide you want to run it next year, and I’ll hold out for perfect fall weather!!

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