October 3, 2008

I need help dressing myself!

I realize it’s 4:58 PM on Friday and this is probably going to get caught in the weekend dead zone, but I’m lost and need your advice. I’m so used to summer running that I’ve forgotten what to wear when it starts getting cold.

On Sunday in Portland there is a high of only 63F. Does that mean I need to switch from running skirts to running pants? Can I still wear just a tank top or do I need to add some type of long sleeved jacket? I will of course bring an old space blanket to the start, but will I need to have layers once I get moving?

I need to pack tonight and I am so confused!


22 thoughts on “I need help dressing myself!”

  1. I’m no expert, but I think it depends on what kind of person you are. With all the running, I think your legs wouldn’t feel the cold much after a few miles, but you might want to think about a long sleeve topic.

    I know, I’m not much help. Good luck!!!

  2. Be safe and pack lots of options. Layering is probably handy here.

    I get warm really quickly when I run so personally, I would bring some kind of throwaway jacket to wear at the start. Maybe capris instead of shorts? If it starts in the low 50’s, I could still do shorts but that’s just me.

  3. I would say capris too, 63 is like perfect running weather – not too cold and not too hot. you will warm up when you start running.

  4. everyone’s different, but i don’t think you need extra layers above 35 degrees. wear an old long-sleeved race t-shirt to the start that you can discard. when it’s under 45, i’ll wear gloves and maybe a hat. when in doubt, go with the hat. what your mom told you was true: most of your body heat escapes through your head. hats are pretty easy to remove too.

    good luck.

  5. I always go with 20 degrees warmer when you’re running than the outside temperature, so for 63 I would still wear shorts/skirt and a tank. I get super hot though.

    Have a great race…I can’t believe you’re doing another marathon already! You go girl!

  6. i would be running in shorts and a tank and possibly bringing longer sleeves. remember SF? it was pretty chilly at the start line at 5:45am but i was definitely glad i was in a tank and shorts. as long as its in the 50s i would stick to shorts. if its raining that might be another story.

  7. Hi Laura,
    For me, definitely shorts and possibly a tee shirt, not cotton though! I run in 55 degrees in shorts and tank or tee!!! You don’t want to feel heavy while you run!! Just be comfy!! Good luck girlie!!!

  8. Definitely not pants and probably not a long sleeve shirt. When I ran this morning it was 52 degrees at the start. I wore shorts, a short sleeve shirt and a long sleeve shirt lightweight technical pull over. By mile 2, I had ditched the long sleeves. By mile 20 it was probably 65 out and I was quite warm in just the shorts and shirt. Hope that helps!

    MCM Mama

  9. haha obviously there’s no consensus! I wouldn’t even consider pants unless it’s under 50. Probably a tank top or shortsleeve with a throwaway long sleeve if you have one.

  10. I read somewhere that you should dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer that the ambient temperature. Because once you get moving the heat you produce will warm you. Therefore, act as if it will be 83 degrees instead of 63. Shorts all the way.

  11. Not sure if it’s too late…when I ran cross country, I never needed anything more than shorts and a tank top once I started running. You will warm up quickly. I absolutely hate wearing extra weight, to the point where it mentally affects me.

  12. I am used to the northwest weather, and I never wear shorts (just knee/capri pants), but I would not switch to long pants till it got below 50. However it will be substantially cooler than 63 at 7 a.m. I think your skirt or capris will be fine, but I would bring a light jacket or similar for the first couple of hours. HAVE FUN!

  13. Oh, and also, I don’t see how the weather forecast can go from 90% chance of rain on Saturday to sunny/partly cloudy on Sunday… there is the possibility that they could be completely wrong and it could rain after all on Sunday, so you probably want to keep that in mind too.

  14. I’m acclimatized, but 63 means sleeveless shirt and shorts. No pants or longsleeves necesary. It’l probably be in the low to mid 50s at the start, but you won;t notice it for long. 🙂

    Have a great race!

  15. I wish I would have told you this earlier, I’m such a horrible chatter!!! Yesterday’s run was so hot and unbearable with pants and long sleeved top. I’m wearing my urban combat loin cloth fo sho with a tank under a long sleeved lightweight tech top. But you’re probably on the way to the airport already :-(. BOOO ME!

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