October 21, 2008

Commitophobia strikes again!

One advantage of waiting until just a few days beforehand to sign up for a race is that you get to check the weather. It may not be 100% accurate when it’s five days out, but it should at least give me some idea. And the forecast for Niagara Falls on Sunday?

Showers likely. Highs in the upper 40s. Chance of rain 60 percent.

You know, I was all set to go book my flights and sign up, but now I just don’t know. 40 and rainy? ICK. What do you wear in that? Thanks to the glory of summer running, I am now a cold weather crybaby. Console me. Get me excited about how hardcore I will be for running freezing rain. Most of all, invent some form of steaming hot non-dairy healthy ice cream that I can have at the finish and promise to have it waiting.

I successfully avoided processed carbs today, despite the bagels that were my only choice for breakfast (I popped a Larabar out of my bag of tricks) and the delicious brownies and cookies offered at lunch. Haven’t run yet, but it’s only day 2 – I can’t give up now! I’ll either go hit the treadmill for a bit to do at least a mile, or put my stuff in a backpack and run instead of take a cab or walk when I go to Boyfriend’s tonight (it’s only about 1/2 mile but I can throw some extra ground in to hit my one mile minimum). Tomorrow I’m going to do a 6 mile out-and-back to Jackrabbit Sports to get fitted for some new sneakers, so I don’t mind going a bit lighter today.


13 thoughts on “Commitophobia strikes again!”

  1. the forecast for my first Half was pretty much exactly that. Raining, and high of like 45. I mean, it was March, and PA….. but I was already signed up/trained/definitely doin it. So I had a google-search freak out for “tips for marathoning in the rain”. Ehhhhh, not so into that. Then we got really lucky and it was 50 and sunny.

  2. Sorry Laura

    I am not going to encourage you to be tough an go for it. Freezing rain, slippery conditions and a bad knee could put you out of running for a long time. You have had a good season and deserve a rest.

    I injured my knee in the spring and did not heed the warning signs which caused me to loose the whole summer.

    How about investing the airfare in some nice cold weather running gear?


  3. Hi Laura,
    Great challenge you got going on!!!

    I say don’t do the marathon in that kind of weather conditions, especially since you have to travel to get there as opposed to running a race in central park!!

    I LOVE JACK RABBIT!! I got fitted there a couple of weeks ago. They have great running clothes too!!!

  4. That sounds not very inviting. But you are hardcore, so you can definitely do it. Just stock up on vitamin C and fluids to help ward off a potential cold.

  5. I am like you.. I am a big crybaby when it comes to freezing rain. I think I am not alone here!!! I am too chicken to go out in that kind of element. I admit it. I trust that you will make your best decision. Good Luck !!!

    tsk tsk tsk…. I am heading to Florida next week. Any idea what the weather will be like compared to Niagra Falls???

  6. Ugh. I hate running in cold, rainy weather. Since I moved to Florida, I’ve lost my thick skin. I don’t blame you for not wanting to do that race. Cold is one thing, but thrown in drizzle? No fun.

    If you are looking for a 1/2 to do next month – check out this site – http://races.zoomarun.com/atlanta.html . The race is in Atlanta and looks pretty fun. I’m thinking about signing up for it today. Everyone can use a good technical shirt!


  7. ohh, I don’t blame you for your feelings about running in the rain, but then again I’m from CA, and we all know what big babies Californians are about the weather:) Just found your blog, you crack me up! Oh- and nice work with the Larabar instead of the brownies!

  8. Running in shitty cold weather is infinitely preferable to running in shitty hot weather. You will love it…but, maybe wait until your knee is 100%? Seriously, don’t screw a lifetime of running for one race!

  9. What would I wear?

    Bunny slippers and a fuzzy robe cuz there is no way in hiz-ell I’m inclined to pull 26.2 out of my crippled body in that mess.

    I’m 1/2 black. I’s tropical people.

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