September 11, 2008

The good, the bad, and are my decorating choices ugly?

The good: I’m totally psyched that Laguardia sells Raw Revolution bars at the CIBO Express, which is the same little kiosk where I was once excited to find hardboiled eggs and cut fruit. (It doesn’t take much to make me happy!) I stocked up on the bars before leaving, because until I actually left the airport and was in Manhattan, I was technically traveling and could expense them.

The bad: I’m totally annoyed that my new client is a processed foods distributor. Think frozen dinners, instant everything, and basically preservatives/chemicals galore. There are definitely no raw food bars here! The office kitchen has four giant refrigerator/freezers (well, at least there will be a place to store my fruits and veggies) and not one, not two, but EIGHT (I counted) microwaves. Everyone who works for the client seems to subsist on prepackaged meals, and they don’t seem to be the Lean Cuisine variety…

The… ugly? Tomorrow is moving day! Unfortunately I won’t be able to take the day off, so the new plan is to have the movers come first thing in the morning just to throw everything into my apartment. Hopefully that will be done by noon, then it’s off to work for me until 9 PM. I’ll probably just get my bed together so I can stop imposing on the boyfriend, and then try to get some actual unpacking/organizing done this weekend. However, I have lots of work to do, so we’ll see how that goes. As for painting, take your pick. My furniture is white (though what’s below are not pictures of my actual bedroom – it’s a generic one from Sherwin Williams’ Color Visualizer) and my curtains exactly match the bedspread. Also, I would use the color of the “outer wall” in this image for three walls of my bedroom, and the color of the “inner wall” as an accent wall behind my bed. Let me know what you think!


11 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and are my decorating choices ugly?”

  1. No one said you had to choose just one. Get a pink that coordinates with your decor for an accent wall then a brown with maybe pink undertones for the other three walls.

    Best of wishes with the move!!!

  2. Blue, but the blue needs to go with the bedding, not what my computer is showing.

    This is fun! Give me another one!

    Good luck. Moving is both wonderful and horrible. Same with processed food, now that I think about it!

    Oh, and THANKS for being willing to talk with Annie about Cornell. She has decided that she desperately wants to be IN or very close to the city, so narrowed her focus to those schools. If she changes her mind, I’ll ask again, I promise!

  3. i like your poll – but none of the combos are the one I’d choose! I was thinking the sophisticated brown in the living room and the lighter pink in the bedroom? pink and brown go just fine together! good luck moving and getting all set up!

  4. That stinks that you have all this processed food flying around. I like the colors you chose, that’s fun! I picked the brown, it goes with anything and if you change things up, you won’t have to change it. I like neutral!

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