September 17, 2008

Akron Marathon!

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I found a $139 roundtrip flight that leaves New York on Friday morning (9/26), gets into Cleveland (only 51 miles from Akron) Friday early afternoon, and returns Saturday late afternoon (9/27). After a car rental and using a free hotel night, I’m still looking at less than $200 for the trip. The marathon is only $75, but you get a Brooks singlet and Brooks sneakers, so that’s actually saving me money. Now I just have to run the darn marathon…


26 thoughts on “Akron Marathon!”

  1. I ran the Akron marathon last year, and it was one of my favorites. Not sure why ~ it was just a good experience. The day before, I did a little hiking in Cuyahoga National Park. I also had dinner with an internet acquaintance who was running the half. I never did follow up on the shoes, because you had to pick them up later in the afternoon at a store, and I had to hit the road immediately. There might have been a way to get them without picking them up in person, but I just didn’t bother with it. Brooks are good shoes ~ I have to have motion control, and I’m not sure these would’ve been what I needed, so I probably would’ve ended up giving them to someone else. Still, it’s a nifty prize.

  2. Is this sort of what the not feeling well was about… running a marathon sporadically while doing lower mileage the rest of the time?

    🙂 you can’t stop yourself

  3. I’m so jealous, I really want to do Akron too! I probably could but that would mean 2 back to back marathons (Portland’s on 5Oct) but then I’d be a maniac too ;-). Ugh!

    Dude, you so have to meet Viper and drink that rebel under the table 😉

  4. Laura I’ll be there cheering for you! You’ll need to let me know what you are wearing so I know it’s you. I’m not running because I like the mid length runs, but my brother is…

    I look forward to meeting you in person.

  5. Wow – looks like you will make a quick trip to a place that is known as a mistake by a lake (Cleveland). Good Luck and kick ass at the Akron Marathon. I will look forward to your post race report. Make sure you have post-race drinks with Viper.

  6. FREEE SHOES!? Sign me up!
    isn’t 9/27 in like…10 days? You’re bravvvveeee!

    That’s what I’ll do next time. I’ll train and then sign up a week before and then tell people then I won’t have ‘taper madnesss’

    Can’t wait to read the report!

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