August 24, 2008

Free flight for my next race!

Just got VDBed from my early morning flight, as planned. What was unplanned and totally awesome is that they put me in first class for the 2 PM flight! Brilliant. Now if I could just get myself VDBed on that one too… 🙂 Yes, I’m greedy, but I’d totally trade first class for another free roundtrip. There’s nothing like getting VDBed on a flight that’s free thanks to another VDB!

Now the question is… how soon can I do another marathon with my bum knee? Looking to the calendar of potentials, I’d love to do Little Grand Canyon and Mountain Air (especially since it would get me back out to the beauty of the Rockies, newly discovered on this trip), but a double in three weeks may be a bit too ambitious. However, I think Akron on the 27th would be doable (and it’s been on my wish list forever!), and I’d get to meet and hopefully have a drink with Viper!

Unfortunately, I really can’t book it yet. First because of the knee thing (ideally I’d like to get a diagnosis before I book a trip or plan any more marathons), but second because I’m being considered for an international project for work, which means I might not even be in the US on weekends. I’ll hopefully have a better idea by the end of the week. In the meantime, start thinking up some post-race drinking competitions for Viper and I! (Vanilla, you can start thinking of bribes to get me to sabotage Viper’s race so he doesn’t improve his time in another distance).

This post was written while I hobble around the airport with a bum knee less than 24 hours after finishing my last marathon… and you wonder why I get overuse injuries!

Addendum: OMG just as I was about to hit post I looked up and there was Obama about five feet away from me talking to some random guy as he filmed on his little digital camera! Unfortunately I don’t follow politics at all (the extent of my 2008 campaign knowledge is that it’s Obama vs McCain), and couldn’t tell for sure it was him until the guy talking to him goes “thank you, Senator Obama” and he walked away. Best Facebook pic ever would have been me with my medal and posing with Obama! (Yes, I regret missing the photo op more than I regret missing the chance to talk to him… I’m shallow like that).


4 thoughts on “Free flight for my next race!”

  1. My goodness girlie i just looked at your spread sheet of marathons!! I am totally impressed with your determination. Hey who knows, maybe someday we can run one together!!!


  2. Sorry to hear about your knee. From my experience ice preferably taken internally with Scotch helps the discomfort. Since you are booked in first class, I recommend you start ASAP. Good Luck

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your knee! However, I love that you are already planning your next race(s). Get back on that horse, girl.

    Too cool about Obama!

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