July 4, 2008

You know you’re a crazy marathoner if…

Note: I’ve changed this to be “crazy marathoner” so that I can distinguish it from my posts about the Marathon Maniacs.

I’m starting a new feature called “crazy marathoners.” Like my list of crazy running blogger traits, I’m going to list things that happen that make me realize just what a crazy marathoner I am.

An actual conversation I had while on a date last night:
Guy: “…it was near this town called Alpharetta.”
Me: “Alpharetta, Georgia?”
Guy: “Yeah.”
Me: “Oh, it’s really hilly there, isn’t it?
Guy: “Yeah, have you been there?”
Me: “No, but there is a marathon there.”


16 thoughts on “You know you’re a crazy marathoner if…”

  1. “and i have a blog friend “runnin duff” that did a marathon in georgia and killed her knees” hahaha..that would have went over well…dont throw him under the “blog” bus yet..haha

  2. Too funny!! Yes, you are a maniac. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and a great marathon in Calgary. I can’t believe you’re running B2B marathons!

    We really need to get together for a drink before your assignment ends too.

    Safe travels!

  3. Touche, Suzee 🙂

    The date went well but I don’t want to post much about it because I don’t want to jinx anything, you know? I’ll keep you all posted though 🙂

  4. Laura, I came across your blog because I have google alerts for marathons becuase I run a marathon training program here in GA. You mentioned Alpharetta, GA which is very near where I live. Anyway, since you are in NY and love running marathons, you should check out the NY USA Fit group at http://www.usafitnyc.com and join their group. Then, you can come run the Alpharetta marathon (or any of the other good ones in and near Altanta, GA) and come run with my USA Fit group. Good luck with all your marathoning!!!

  5. How about this one: when you go on dates you don’t even realize you shouldn’t be wearing strappy sandals because you’re so used to seeing those lovely runner’s feet!

  6. You are definitely a maniac, no question. I am wondering if I will ever get involved in two marathons within short frame. Let me know how you did in Calgary! The weather should be quite favorable up there.

  7. Wow! Another one. Girl, you are on a roll and definately should join the marathon maniacs!! Have a blast on your next marathon and good luck!

    The pics from Seattle looked great! You always look like you have the funnest times on your trips!

  8. Your tee-post cracked me up. Oddly enough, I was just sitting here coming up with witty ideas to stick on a custom shirt for Portland. Thanks for sharing that site by the way. I don’t remember, how did that ice cream top work out for you?

    You really are a maniac, and I think it’s getting contagious ;-). Can’t wait to hear about Calgary!

  9. I think everyone can agree that you’re a little nuts. Great idea for a feature. I’m kinda wondering if I should aspire to appear in that feature or try to avoid it.

  10. Chia, the ice cream top was good, but there were mixed reactions ot the slogan. Some people thought it was cute, but others got offended. Wear at your own risk!

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