July 8, 2008

A Garmin for Laura!

Thursday is my birthday, and I just got an e-mail from my mom, which said (among other things):

Oh, your Dad was asking what you wanted for your bday? He wanted to know if you wanted some running gear like a heart monitor or timer or something. Please give him and me some ideas for a gift as we want to celebrate your 23rd milestone in style! Love you! 🙂

I think you all know my answer: Garmin Garmin Garmin Garmin Garmin!!! It’s expensive but I’m thinking I can ask everyone for gift certificates and/or money so that I can then pool it and get a 405 with HRM.

I’m excited!!!


19 thoughts on “A Garmin for Laura!”

  1. Very nice indeed. I”m thinking of trying out the Nike pod thing first to see if I use it.

    Good call on the foam roller…I still think I might get rid of it though..it hurts and i’m a baby.

  2. No question about it… You ARE GOING TO LOVE 405 ! I am in heaven with my 405 and the one with HR monitor. It is precisely the most perfect birthday gift you will ever receive. Before I forget anything, Happy Birthday to you – even tho its two days early!

  3. Seeing as you are the kind of person that probably does super exhaustive research before you get something, and I’m in the market for one as well, can you tell me why you chose that one?

    I’m leaning towards the 405 myself but am trying to figure out why that one and not the 305 or any of the Polar ones.

    The only reason I can think of is the 305 is too big and bulky. Have you looked at the Polar RS200sd and the one without the d?

  4. I couldn’t wait till my birthday to get a Garmin–but I agree it’s a great thing to be given as a gift! I’m muddling through with mine. Just downloaded my two runs to the computer–successfully–so I’m on a Garmin high!

  5. Yan, I haven’t done a ton of research, but I knew I wanted a Garmin because of the GPS features (which I don’t think any of the Polar devices have). As for why the 405, 1) I wanted a heart rate monitor, 2) I didn’t want it to be huge, and 3) I wanted the newest model. I’ve heard lots of great reviews on the blogs I read, so it was an easy pick!

  6. From someone who pimps the swoosh for a living I think the Garmin 3500 is a pretty great device. It has it’s flaws but out of the city it’s very good. And the data mining is amazing. So you get my thumbs up.

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