June 14, 2008

Double Day: The Ultimate Absolut(ly) Fit Challenge

A “double” typically refers to two marathons in one weekend. However, since I’m totally hardcore (and certifiably crazy), today is my double day, and I’m doing two marathons in one day!

Okay, so one isn’t a running marathon, and the other is me doing a marathon course and not an organized race. But it’s BOSTON, the granddaddy of all marathons, and I actually went further than 26.2 (I haven’t mapped it yet to know exactly how much further). I woke up at 5:45, threw my running stuff on, and headed out. My hotel is about 1/10 mile from the finish line of the marathon, so I headed there and then ran the course backwards until I got to mile 13. I then did a little loop around Wellesley, and ran the second half of the course forwards to cross the finish line! From there I did another little loop around Dartmouth to take the long way back to my hotel (by long, all I mean is I probably added another 0.2 mile or something). So I’m guessing I did about 27 miles (0.1+26.4+0.2), but we’ll see. And I felt great! Sore now, of course, but I felt fantastic during the run (though I went slowly… finished in about 4:47). I found a new power song, Rascal Flatts’ “Secret Smile,” which has an amazing beat and actually caused me to break out into a dance while I was running. I had a huge smile on my face and when I got back into downtown at Boston, people kept looking at me like I was crazy for the huge grin on my face while I sprinted down Boylston.

But now… it is time for me to don my drinking hat. Today is the Boston Beer Marathon! Normally billed as America’s largest pub crawl, today is an attempt to set the Guinness World Record (Guinness, how appropriate) for world’s biggest bar crawl. We’re starting at Adam’s roofdeck for mimosas (we’re considering that the 0.2), and then hitting up 26 bars. My plan is to have only a little bit at each one because I do not want a repeat of Wednesday night. Ever again. (Though Adam thinks it would be funny if I threw up at my new hotel and then was too embarrassed to stay here anymore either).

So for all you running drinkers out there (Viper and Kevin, this especially means you)… I’m issuing you a new challenge. Beat my feat!


11 thoughts on “Double Day: The Ultimate Absolut(ly) Fit Challenge”

  1. You are seriously a nut. And I mean that in the greatest way possible. 🙂 Have fun tonight. What kind of shoes do you wear to a beer marathon? Mizunos? Asics? Jimmy Choos? 😉

  2. What sort of shoes to you wear to a beer marathon? The answer is obvious: kneehigh Wellingtons. They’re beerproof AND vomitproof.

  3. So you seriously ran 27 miles? For fun? By yourself?
    Holy crap you’re nuts! The beer marathon sounds great. It beats beer golf!

  4. I have been trying to figure out your comment about the beer marathon for two days! I totally missed this post.

    Although I don’t think I have 26.2 bars in my immediate vicinity to make this happen, this feat is now on my radar.

    Back to the drawing board!

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