May 19, 2008

Bay to Breakers: Quick Version

Short version: I did not see the Pacific, and instead got my first DNF. Took a stiletto to the instep, and then a half mile later I took a 5’10” guy and however much he weighs to the head, then went unconscious and woke up on the side of the road with well-intentioned drunkards throwing water on me. I really hope this does not cause any problems for my first marathon next weekend.

(I promise, promise, promise I will post full reports for both this and my Providence half before I attempt my full this weekend.)


10 thoughts on “Bay to Breakers: Quick Version”

  1. Oh no!!! I hope you’re OK. That’s the problem with B2B – it can either be a really fun party, or you get surrounded by stoopid drunk idiots. I’m glad I took the sober approach this time.

    I really hope you’re OK and that the race doesn’t ruin your impression of the bay area. Take care!

  2. Just so everyone knows: as far as I can tell, I’m fine. My foot hurts some, but what I was really worried about is my head and that seems okay.

    I’m having a bit of trouble staying awake right now since it’s 10 PM EST and my body never completely adjusted to PST, but my flight is in 2 hours so I only have a bit longer and then I can just sleep the whole way back to Boston. I get to go straight to work from the flight – fantastic. But what’s going to be really interesting is that my manager is currently in flight from Barcelona, so basically he’s going to feel like it’s 2 PM when we start work while I feel like it’s 5 AM.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes!!!

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