May 23, 2008

2 days before the marathon!

In true RazzDoodle fashion, here is a bulleted list of my Friday.

  • Ate the most perfect carb-loading marathon-prep breakfast ever. Whole wheat french toast, dipped in egg whites (low cholesterol!), then dipped in rolled oats, with low sugar (but none of that fake sugar crap) maple syrup. Topped with fresh strawberries and bananas. I did not make this recipe up – it’s from the Marriott, if you can believe it! Awesome.
  • Went to Marathon Sports and picked up my very first stick of Body Glide. Told the cashier, the salesperson, and half the store that I was running my first marathon on Sunday!
  • Did some work from my Heavenly Bed at the Westin. In pajamas.
  • Joined Runners Lounge. Why have I waited to do this? Until now I’ve just been reading the blog, but the lounge itself is pretty awesome. If you aren’t yet a member, go sign up!
  • Got a veggie burger from B.Good for lunch, topped with tons of veggies and a nice carb-y bun.
  • Booked a 90 minute massage for Monday when I get back to Boston 🙂
  • Spent the afternoon trying to rest and figure out logistics/playlists/etc, but really bouncing all over the room with excitement. What I sent to my friends:
    As many of you know, I’m going to be running my first marathon this weekend in Burlington, VT! It should be a lot of fun, what with the free ice cream at the finish (and you all know I’m a sucker for ice cream) encouraging me to run faster. However, I’m anticipating taking about 4 hours to finish, which is kind of a long time to not have anything to do other than keep putting one foot in front of the other. I’ve “worn out” a lot of my favorite running songs on my iPod, so I thought I’d ask you for help.I’d love to have some “handpicked by friends” songs on my playlist to inspire me as I run. If you could send me songs that are upbeat/inspiring/remind me of you/etc, that’d be awesome. My taste is typically country/top 40 pop kind of stuff, but if you have something else you really want to send that’s fine – I like a little of everything, just let me know why you’re sending that song. Give me some reasons to think back on all the great memories I’ve had with you, so that I know you’re cheering me on in spirit! XOXO, Laura
  • I have over 2.5 hours of music from my friends, which I’ll complement with a lot of my favorite songs. However, if any of you have a song that I really shouldn’t leave off my playlist (particularly something to make me keep going), feel free to let me know in the comments. After all, I wouldn’t be a crazy running blogger if I weren’t running just to post about it on my blog later, so you could say that I’m running for all of you 🙂 (Well, that and the ice cream).

Off to pasta dinner!


14 thoughts on “2 days before the marathon!”

  1. I am totally going to make that French toast tomorrow morning, haha. Sounds like you’re where you should be!!! Have fun at the pasta dinner and good luck on Sunday!!!!

    Some running music:
    – Cheesy: Rocky & Chariots of Fire songs
    – Podrunner on iTunes has mixes you can dl for free
    – If you’re making a list as opposed to putting it on shuffle put some slower songs near the beginning so it helps you conserve your pace.

    Personally I like to run to no music most of the time. If I do have tunes on it’s usually rock but right now my brain is fried and I can’t think of specific songs. 😛

  2. Absolutely download the song Blue water by Black Rock! I’m sorta a techno person when it comes to running…makes me zone out. But this song is awesome….I PROMISE! Download the radio version if you are using Itunes. Its awesome!! ANd think of me. I also like the Natasha Beddingfield “love like this” Johnny Vicious Radio Mix. You will love it to! No doubts! You are going to do great girl…can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. I’m a big fan of Van Halen’s “Right Now”. It’s my power song and quite a good one.

    Oh, I kept my cell phone with me and called people during my marathon. It was a really nice distraction, so it might work for you.

  4. I’d suggest “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. I HAVE TO play this one before every race…

    Enjoy yourself out there, Laura, and have a fantastic run! Think ice cream…

  5. OMG…I was at Marathon Sports this afternoon and bought some Body Glide too, along with some sports beans and a new hat.

    Your breakfast sounds awesome. I wonder if we should go over tomorrow morning before I head to the convention center to pick up my race packet. Although, I’ve got baked penne in the oven right now, so that might be enough carbs for me.

    Some of the songs on my workout playlist prove that I loved the 80’s – lots of Def Leppard, Whitesnake and Night Ranger – but I do have some great songs from Velvet Revolver and Daughtry that really keep me moving.

    I wish you the best on Sunday – I know you’ll do awesome. Heck, you’ll be finished with the whole thing before I’ve cracked half of my half, I’m sure!!

    Run on!!

  6. i want some of that french toast right now!

    and i know you will have stand by rascal flatts right??? need to put that on at mile 25 🙂

  7. Good luck Good luck Good luck!!!

    You’re either going to be my hero for signing up for this thing so soon before the event or someone I’ll make fun of for a long long time. Probably the former. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  8. Good hunting as you go to slay the 26.2 mile monster!

    Crazy As Me – Alison Krauss
    Battery by Metallica
    Mona Lisa Overdrive by Juno Reactor
    Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns
    Devil Went Down to Georgia
    I Want You So Hard by Eagles of Death Metal
    Wite Trash Wedding – Dixie Chicks
    Sredni Vashtar -Faith and the Muse
    Callin’ Baton Rouge – Garth Brooks
    Better Than You – Metallica

    Sorry, got a little carried away ther. I think I know what I’m taking out for my 6 miles tomoroow. 🙂

  9. Good luck and enjoy! I have to say your day before the race made prerace should so luxurious. I hope you have a restful day after as well.

    As for songs – probably too late – but still love Settlin’ by Sugarland, I Run for Life, M. Ethridge, and What I Want by Daughtry.

    Take Care,


  10. I’m with Topher — I’ve decided to “SHUT IT” in regard to commenting on your decision 🙂

    As for songs, one of my power songs is “Under Pressure” by Queen/David Bowie. However, my latest fav is “Kernkraft 400, Sport Chant Stadium Remix” by Zombie Nation. If you’ve been to any major (or perhaps even minor) sporting event, you’ve most likely heard this!

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