February 12, 2008

And now, live from my workout!

This post is coming to you direct from… the treadmill. As in, I am walking on the treadmill right now while typing this. How cool is that?! I’m staying at the Westin Copley Square this week, and while I was initially dismayed to find out that this particular Westin has discontinued the RunWestin program (where they have a “running concierge” who leads group running tours of the city every morning), I was mollified by getting a surprise: I got one of the two coveted WestinWorkout rooms on the property! WestinWorkout rooms come fully equipped with weights, a jump rope, a stability ball, a medicine ball, some fitness DVDs and books, and… a treadmill. Which happens to have a bar going across it (not that kind of bar, Viper) that conveniently allows me to prop my laptop up on it while walking. (It’s actually supposed to be the bar you grab to get your heart rate, and my computer apparently has a heart rate of 206. It’s working hard!)

Now, I can only get up to 3.5 MPH while reading/typing, but I will work on it throughout the week. Maybe soon I can invent a new sport: running while PowerPointing? A consultant’s dream.

Also, writing this while walking on the treadmill probably qualifies as some new kind of crazy running blogger thing, but I don’t really have anything pithy to say about it.

I’ll post a full review of the Westin Copley at the end of the week after I’ve experienced all they have to offer. Also, I’m just about done with last week’s Hilton Back Bay review, so look forward to that coming soon as well (probably tomorrow). Have a great night everyone!


8 thoughts on “And now, live from my workout!”

  1. Yeah, see, that’s what I’m talking about. If it were that kind of bar, I’d actually use a treadmill.

    Can you also chew gum while doing all this?

  2. Glad you commented – it made me realize I forgot to link you before.

    I’m sure you could chew gum. You could probably even drink while doing all this!

  3. Topher, I forget who posted it, but I saw thta yesterday too, and it was what inspired me. But now I REALLY want both a treadmill and a treaddesk. If I weren’t a consultant and had an actual office to go to where I could keep it, it would totally be worth the investment. As it is, I’m trying to figure out how I could squeeze a setup into my tiny apartment.

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