January 6, 2008

Hangovers and Running In Their Wake

I suppose I should have posted this on Tuesday morning, but I just discovered it today, and thought it might still be helpful for the weekend. All about hangovers, from Diet Detective. I’m fortunate enough not to ever get hungover. Some refer to it as a superpower. In any case, it’s a helpful trait to have on weekends when I want to go running but I drank a ridiculous amount the night before.

In fact, this summer I did an 8 mile race the morning after attending a microbrew festival in Albany, NY, at which you were given a punch card and could try something like 36 different beers in relatively generous serving sizes. At the time, I had never run the morning after a big drinkathon. (I had also never drank while running). The race went fine though, and I was proud because it was the longest distance I had ever run – according to my dorky and seldom-updated Excel running log, I finished in 78:02, or a 9:45 mile. Not too shabby.

Yesterday, however, I accomplished an even greater feat. I ran my longest distance ever: 12.03 miles. Can you believe that?? I probably wouldn’t, except that my legs are killing me today, so I know it happened. The furthest I had ever done before was 10 miles, at a 9:46 pace. Yesterday, I did the 12 miles at a 9:00 pace!!! Two miles added, 46 seconds off my pace. Awesome! I think I’m ready to do the Manhattan Half-Marathon at the end of January, which will mean one of my New Year’s resolutions will be finished within the first month. If it goes well, I’m considering making my goal to do all five of the races in the NYRR Half-Marathon Grand Prix, although that may be a bit tough to swing depending on how work goes.

Speaking of which, the other big news in my life is that my next project may be in San Francisco! I’m really excited about spending my weekdays on the West Coast (especially since I haven’t really been west at all. I’ve been to Dallas twice, but that was the only time I’ve been in a state not touching the Atlantic. Pathetic, I know). I am a bit nervous that it may throw off my fitness regimen, but I’m hopeful that it wouldn’t too much because I know the manager on the project is a big runner, so maybe it would be a chance for us to attempt the famed hills of San Francisco. I’ll know within the next week or two whether I’ll be going, but it would definitely be a great opportunity! Will keep you all posted 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hangovers and Running In Their Wake”

  1. Hey there,

    Just wanted to say I love your blog! I stumbled upon it while looking through the Running Blog Family, which I just added myself to. I am also, as you say, a New York 20-something who is trying to stay fit and still have fun, and I think your posts are awesome. Since I’m training for my first half-marathon myself, it’s nice to read about someone else who’s going through it too. Keep it up and I will definitely keep reading! And you can check me out at http://pokedandprodded.health.com/poked_prodded/amandamacmillan.html. (I’m an editor at Health.com, hence the long, complicated title!)

    Thanks and happy running!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! It’s great to see another New York runner. And I have to say, I am SO jealous of your job… I wish I did something fitness-related for work, rather than just for fun 🙂

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