December 27, 2007

Healthy Meal: Emeril’s Shrimp Scampi

I was trying to post something light because I know so many of us overindulged on Christmas. However, this recipe actually ended up being a bit heavy because it involved a) pasta b) shrimp and c) oil. Not necessarily a diet recipe, though it’s also not terrible for you.

Fortunately, I went running today (NINE miles. Yes, NINE. I’m so proud of myself), so I’ve really earned some more calories to eat (even though I don’t generally make a practice of that). But really, if I don’t eat anything else with the pasta (maybe just some steamed veggies), I’m where I should be for today. Pretty impressive considering I had a much larger breakfast than usual!

Recipe notes:
I used just olive oil, no butter (and I didn’t add more olive oil once I put the pasta in – I found it was fine without). Bread and butter pickles instead of capers. And no extra salt.

Nutrition facts:
535 calories for the pasta (recipe here)

Review: 4/5
This was delicious, and seriously, SO quick to prepare. Took a grand total of 11 minutes, and that includes cooking the pasta. I didn’t even have Emeril’s Essence (I keep basic spices – very few blends), and throwing the spices together was easy. It came out spicier than I anticipated, and the pickles were very apparent (my fault for using pickles instead of capers), but I liked it a lot, and would definitely make it again if I’m in a carb mood. Only reason for the loss of a star is that it’s a bit high cal if you wanted to put anything else with it. I ate it by itself (though I may have some steamed veggies later), but be warned: this is not light enough to also have garlic bread or something with. Maybe a salad, if you go light on the dressing.


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  1. I also make a shrimp scampi but use the Barefoot Contessa’s basic recipe. I use a combination of oil and butter and don’t use as much as Emeril’s recipe calls for. It saves a few calories.

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